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Dates For Weight Loss

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Dates are one of the most ancient fruits in the world because their history can be traced back to some time before the 5th Century BC. We all know that these sparkling small fruits are filled with a bounty of nutrients. However, there are very few of you who might have ever used dates for weight loss. 


It is true that dates can  not only curb our craving for sugar, but can also serve as a good replacement for artificial sweeteners. Dates also provide more calories than any known fruit. Some of the date variants like the California dates are known to be fat free, sodium free, fibrous and cholesterol –free. This means by eating such dates you can satisfy your sweet tooth and get slimmer both at the same time.


Magic Ingredient: If you have made up your mind to have dates for weight loss, it means you are going to add an effective source of soluble and insoluble fibers to your meal.  The dates regulate the feeling of fullness within the eater and they help to keep you satiated for longer period of time. Also, the soluble and insoluble fibers in dates help to regulate the bowel movements and load you with various other minerals and vitamins. 


Serving and Preparing Dates: It is obvious that if you plan to use any ingredient for weight loss then the ways to have it should also be devised. The same goes here too if you are very serious about having dates for weight loss then you should know how to go about them. In that case the following tips will help you:

  • Dates can make for a good snacking option because they taste good on their own. Other than that you can add it to all of your dishes which require artificial flavorings and sweeteners. For an extra punch perhaps you can try to have them with other dry fruits and nuts like chopped pecans, almonds, etc. For a spicy twist you can combine them with crystallized ginger or gingerroot.


  • Dates can be added to the baked goodies like muffins, cakes, breads and cookies to add their nutritional values and to reduce the dependability on artificial sweeteners. The moisture content of the dates also impacts the quality of the baked goodies.


  • Dates can go well with most of the fruit and vegetable salads, desserts, and compotes. The chopped dates can be used for garnishing vegetable soups, couscous, rice dishes or they can be pickled or processed into chutneys and served as side dish with most of the main meals.


Consideration: Before zeroing in on a particular variant of the dates, it is important to analyze the health properties offered by it. So analyze your decisions before using particular variety of dates for weight loss.  



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Dates For Weight Loss