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Chinese fried bread stick

Chinese food is usually easy and fun to make. In this blog you will find various Chinese foods for kids which you can prepare in a very less time. Ranging from wontons to egg rolls, almost all the Chinese dishes are unique and simple enough to accommodate the participation of the entire family.


In a country as immense as China, the diversity of its food is vast. Let’s see what different types of Chinese foods you can make for your kids.


List of Chinese foods for kids:


Chinese fried bread stick:


Chinese fried bread stick is a long, golden-brown, and deep-fried strip of dough which you can serve as the delicious breakfast. Its surface is very crisp while the inside part is soft. There are many ways of eating fried bread stick. For example, it can be torn into small pieces and mixed with soybean milk, be wrapped with rice or fried or braised with shrimps after being chopped.


Dragon’s Beard Candy:


Dragon’s beard candy is a very popular Chinese sweet liked by all the kids. The dish is similar to spun sugar found in many Chinese communities. It consists of very fine strands of sugar, providing it the imagined appearance and consistency of a fine beard, like that of a dragon.


Egg Rolls:


Egg rolls are the most favorite dishes for many kids. If you are conscious about your kid’s health, then instead of deep-frying the egg rolls you can bake them in the oven. You can easily make the egg rolls by wrapping a combination of chopped vegetables or meat in a sheet of dough, dipping the dough in egg. The egg rolls make a great snack, appetizer, or addition to a meal.


Grass Jelly:


Another very famous dessert in China is grass jelly, which is also known as leaf jelly. You can make the grass jelly by boiling the aged and oxidized stalks and leaves of Mesona chinensis (member of mint family) with potassium carbonate and then cooling the liquid to a jelly like consistency. You can make the cubes or any other forms of the jelly. Grass jelly can be enjoyed with the sugar syrup.


Chinese Chicken Chow Mein :
Chinese chicken chow mein


A Chinese chicken chow mein is absolutely the most delicious dish for your kids. Chicken chow mein is a scrumptious dish consists of meats and vegetables served over the crisp and fried noodles. You can season the dish with soy sauce to make it tastier and serve as a main course meal. . I am sure your kids won’t be able to resist it


These are some of the best and tastiest Chinese foods for kids. You could come up with several other new ideas as well. Have patience and keep trying until you succeed in your attempts.


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