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Spearmint Tea For Acne Treatment

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Spearmint tea for acne treatmentThere are plenty of medications available for acne however; none seems to be perfect in completely curing and reducing its recurrence. Therefore, it is better to use natural herb like spearmint tea for acne treatment, which is at least devoid of side effects. Moreover, it acts on some of the underlying factors of acne like prevalence of oily skin and hormonal imbalance. So, let us know more about spearmint tea and acne treatment in the following section.


How Is Spearmint Tea Useful For Acne Treatment

Spearmint tea is very effective in controlling the acne outbreaks. One of the main factors behind the acne symptoms is excess production of oil from the glands. The tea is helpful in controlling the oil secretion and thus combating the problem of acne. In this way, it also prevents acne recurrence, which is very important in the treatment of this prolonged and stubborn skin problem.


Another important factor that leads to sudden inflammation and redness of skin is the hormonal imbalance. There is a hormone called androgen that triggers the breakouts especially in women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Research studies on spearmint tea and acne have proved that drinking two cups of spearmint daily is very effective in controlling the level of androgens in the body. Therefore, this herbal tea acts as a reliable and effective remedy for hormonal acne especially in women suffering from PCOS.


We all are aware of the fact that controlling acne is a tough nut to crack and no single remedy is useful in every individual. Similarly, drinking spearmint tea for acne treatment cannot completely cure this complex skin problem. However, spearmint tea is very effective in reducing the oil secretion and addressing the hormonal acne, so there is no harm in trying it.


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Spearmint Tea For Acne Treatment