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Garlic Powder - Usage & Health Benefits

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Garlic Powder - Uses & Health Benefits

Garlic powder, prepared by powdering dried garlic, comes with all the benefits of whole garlic. The powdered version makes it easy to be used as health supplement and in cooking. Its flavor is not as sharp as the whole garlic, while it is sweeter in taste. Read on to know more about garlic powder benefits in detail.   


Culinary Uses


While garlic powder is not the true garlic substitute, it does offer some of the advantages of garlic. Garlic, in the powdered form, is a major ingredient in Mediterranean and Chinese cuisines. This spice powder is an ideal choice for those who prefer to enjoy the dishes with a mil garlicky taste. This also renders a wonderful aroma and flavor when mixed to the dishes. Since this contains sodium in trace amounts, it also gives a salty taste to the dish, thereby excluding salt from cooking.


Render your lamb and seafood dishes a special pungent aroma and taste with this spice powder. You can use it in ground meats for preparing spicy hamburger patties. You can also try using it as a topping for popcorn or while preparing scrambled eggs and omelets.


Whenever you fall short of fresh garlic cloves, the powdered form can be a good substitute though the taste may be slightly different. Use 1/8 teaspoon of powdered garlic as a substitute for five fresh garlic cloves.


Garlic Powder Health Benefits


As mentioned above, garlic powder brings in all the health benefits of garlic with it. Read to know more about garlic powder benefits…


Aids In Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Studies have proven that this spice powder has the potential to lower the levels of blood cholesterol and LDL in small amounts. However, there are no established evidences on the impact of this on HDL. Check with your physician if you are planning to use this powder in your diet with the aim of lowering your cholesterol levels.


Boosts Immune System 

Studies have established that powdered garlic has the potential to boost the power of immune system, thereby rendering the potential to fight cancer. Studies indicate that inclusion of powdered garlic, by cancer patients or people on chemotherapy, aids in enhanced functioning if immune system and lower the side effects of chemotherapy.


Helps In Blood Thinning

Powdered form of garlic, like raw garlic, is rich with blood thinning properties, which makes it an ideal inclusion in the diet of people suffering from hypertension and cardiac diseases. However, since numerous cases on garlic triggering bleeding have been reported, it is advisable to check with the doctor before consumption.


Retaining Blood Pressure Levels

Garlic is the source of sulfur compounds such as 1, 2-vinyldithiin and thiacremonone, which produce hydrogen sulfide, H2S. H2S has the potential to dilate blood vessels, thereby keeping the blood pressure levels under control.


The rich assortment of benefits and uses of garlic powder definitely make it worthy to be called the star spice!


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Garlic Powder - Usage & Health Benefits