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Spinach For Weight Loss

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Spinach Oleracea or spinach is a common and inexpensive green vegetable eaten all over the world and it is widely used in the preparation of salads and other dishes. This is a very basic knowledge but using spinach for weight loss is a sort of uncommon or unheard thing for most of the people. Spinach grows best in winters and spring but it can remain fresh for long time if kept frozen.  Spinach is loaded with fibers which aid the dieters in weight loss.



3 Best Reasons to Have Spinach for Weight Loss

We would like to begin our sentence with a claim that spinach and weight loss go hands in hands. Following reasons will help us to validate our claim:

  • Low Calories: Spinach is a power packed food and is rich with nutrients. Despite of all this it serves us very few calories, which is a mandatory requirement for weight loss program. Freshly cooked spinach should be added to sandwiches (in place of cheese and meat) and soups (in place of noodles) to add their bulk, color, flavor and nutritional values.


  • Fiber: Having fiber rich food is one of the requirements of weight loss diet. The spinach is loaded with fibers and other nutrients like vitamin K, iron and protein. This fiber content will help to trigger the feeling of fullness within the eater. The spinach based salads, soups or stews should be eaten more than other greens because it has more nutrient density than any other greens.


  • Fat Burning: The fat burning qualities of spinach has been fodder of debate since last many years. The experts all over the world locking horns to testify this quality of spinach.  Some smart dieting program promoters have already included it into their schemes. In reality there is no real fat burning food on earth and same goes true in case of spinach too. The spinach aids in fat burning by being low calorie and nutrient dense food. Its water content triggers the feeling of satiety within the eater and helps to retain the feeling of fullness and regulates energy for pretty long time than expected. This is one of the prime reasons why it is promoted as a fat burning food.      


Which is more beneficial Eating Spinach Raw or Cooked?
Now after clearing the brouhaha about having spinach for weight loss we believe it is our responsibility to steer you clear about the age old debate about benefits of eating spinach raw or cooked. In real the spinach serves you very low calories and is loaded with folic acid as well as Vitamin A and contains green pigment chlorophyll too.  Spinach is also loaded with oxalic acid which purges our intestinal tract and gets connected with calcium and curbs its absorption by our bodies. By cooking the spinach we are actually turning the oxalic acid molecules into crystals and over eating them can actually lead to kidney failure but cooking also helps to open the cell walls and absorb more nutrients from the vegetable. Then the answer is eating spinach (raw as well as cooked) in moderation aids in weight loss. 


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Spinach For Weight Loss