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Sweet Potato For Weight Loss

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When you think of weight loss foods, the sweet potatoes rarely come to the mind the reason is they are considered as starch bombs.  In reality using sweet potato for weight loss can aid you in losing pounds. There are many people out there who believe that eating starchy carbohydrates will just dislodge them from attaining their weight loss goals. In fact recent studies have proved that there is not an iota of truth in it. Read through this blog to find why you should have sweet potato for weight loss….



  • Low Calories:  If you have seriously chalked out 1600 calories a diet plan then having sweet potato can aid you in achieving 10% of your calorie goal. A medium sized sweet potato contains about 160 calories. Eating low calorie foods will aid you in weight loss that is a common knowledge, and burning more calories than what you eat is a first principle of weight loss.


  • Low Glycemic Index:  Many people don’t know that sweet potato has low glycemic index which means it will not spike the blood sugar levels. Diets which include foods with low-glycemic index are considered to be good for weight loss. The low-glycemic index of these hearty potatoes aid in maintaining the blood sugar within the limit. The foods that spike blood sugar levels also trigger the urge for binge eating which in turns adds to the belly fat. So, if you are finding some good and tasty alternatives for reducing the belly fat then you have the answer as where to look out!


  • High Fiber: Sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber- any regular and average sized baked sweet potato can serve you about 3.8 grams of fiber. As per the American Dietetic Association the high fiber foods can aid you in weight loss. That means if you are eating a sweet potato for weight loss then you are tricking your brain to believe that stomach is full and also you are putting full stops on your gurangutan appetite and reducing the temptation to overeat. Fiber helps to stay fuller at low calories.


There is no single food on earth which will guarantee you weight loss. Also you cannot design your weight loss routine around any single food groups or foods. Indeed you can have a sweet potato for weight loss but it all depends on how you want to consume them. If you are preparing them with high calorie ingredients then you tend to gain more weight than lose anything. So, be sensible in including them in your diet.  So the next time if someone tells you that sweet potato and weight loss goes hands in hand then you need to give your approval because it indeed goes hand in hand. 


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Sweet Potato For Weight Loss