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Fish Oil For Apraxia Treatment

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Fish Oil For Apraxia


People who have tried fish oil for apraxia of speech treatment vouch for the benefits derived from fish oil. However, no studies or researches support the relationship between fish oil and apraxia of speech. Read through to know more on apraxia of speech and the role of fish oil in healing the condition.


What is Apraxia of Speech?

While the actual cause(s) of apraxia of speech is yet to be identified, researches indicate that this medical condition shares a close relation with the language development in children. Certain other studies suggest that neurological disorder affecting the transmission of signals from brain to speech muscles can be the trigger. Nevertheless, studies are yet to come up with sufficient evidences.


Studies feel that a lack in Omega-3 fatty acid levels can be the root cause of apraxia of speech and hence, the correction of this deficiency may offer some kind of relief to the sufferers. Fish oil is one of the preferred Omega-3 fatty acid sources and hence people believe in using fish oil for treating apraxia of speech.  Let us see how.


Why To Choose Fish Oil For Apraxia Of Speech Treatment?


A dense concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in brain is essential for effective thinking skills. Studies hint that fish oil can help children suffering from apraxia of speech by aiding in improving the language skills. DHA, one of the Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil, is known to play a significant role in the proper development of brain in children of the age group of 2 to 5 years. According to several scientists, fish oil supplements, rich in DHA, along with minerals such as calcium and iron and vitamins such as A, B 6. B 12, C, and D aid in enhancing the developmental and speech skills in toddlers.  


How To Use Fish Oil For Apraxia Of Speech Treatment?


Fish oil can be obtained naturally from fish like tuna and sardines or via supplements available in the form of capsules, soft gels, tablets, and liquid. It is advisable to check with the pediatrician before giving these fish oils to your child.


Dosage & Warning


There are no exclusive dosages mentioned for the children. However, excessive amounts of fish oil can lower their immunity and restrict blood clotting.


If you feel that you child could be benefited from using fish oil for apraxia treatment, then consult the doctor to avoid any kind of complications.


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Fish Oil For Apraxia Treatment