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Pistachio Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure

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Pistachio Nuts

Pistachio allergy is a condition that plagues about 1.8 million Americans say the official sources. The tasty nut is a kind of tree nut and allergies to them are rather widespread across America and Europe. However, there is absolutely no cause to fret. You should be able to take it in your stride by adopting certain precautionary measures. Read on to find more…


Reasons for Pistachio Allergy

The immune system of our body erroneously identifies the nut protein as an allergen that is harmful for the body. The chemical known as histamine is secreted by the body to get rid of it and a particular substance known as IgE is created as a reaction. The antibody(IgE) tries to get rid of the nut proteins from our body causing discomfort.

It is likely that you will be allergic to several tree nuts if you develop allergies to pistachio. Hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds are other kinds of nuts that you would have to avoid in such cases.


Pistachio Allergy Symptoms

  • Skin rashes in the form of skin hives and eczema become obvious after consuming or handling Pistachio nuts and related products.
  • Abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and flatulence can be associated with the allergy.
  • Persistent coughs, runny nose and nasal congestion indicate allergic reactions to the nut.
  • A feeling of tightness across the chest and difficulty in breathing becomes prominent.
  • Severe anaphylactic reactions are very rare but nonetheless possible if left untreated for a long time. It is manifested by dizziness, a weak pulse and plummeting blood pressure.


Diagnosis of Pistachio Allergy

  • Skin Prick Tests- The pistachio extract is diluted and injected beneath the skin in order to check the reactions.
  • Blood Tests- The RAST test detects the presence of IgE thus confirming the diagnosis.
  • Cross Reactivity Tests- Allergic tests to all tree nuts need to be conducted if the suspected food is pistachio.


Treating Pistachio Allergy Symptoms

  • The only to prevent the allergy is to forego all pistachio products including the ones containing flavorings.
  • Anti histamine drugs help to get rid of mild allergic reactions.
  • Medications prescribed for asthma can be effective in eliminating respiratory distress.
  • Severe reactions need to be treated with epinephrine which are injected into the patient.
  • Medicated skin creams and lotions are beneficial against skin hives and eczema patches.


Reading the food labels carefully is necessary if you have pistachio allergy. Giving up the pistachio flavored ice-cream might seem to be a trifle difficult but you can safely opt for other flavors which can be a cheering thought indeed!


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Pistachio Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure