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Prune For Weight Loss

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It is a common knowledge that prunes are effective laxatives. Therefore the prune for weight loss is absolutely not a paradox as believed. The prunes are nothing but dried plums. They are mostly recommended as the quick energy sources. The prunes are recommended for healthy eating and are known to keep the hunger pangs at bay.


The prunes are officially known as “dried plum “since 2001 and the name was validated by none other than Food and Drug Administration. Though prunes have relatively higher calorific values still they are known as dieter’s friend because they are loaded with fibers and powerful nutrients which aid in big way if someone is following a weight loss diet.


Prunes For Weight Loss
The prune and weight loss are synonyms because they add fat free laxative fiber to the diet.  A single prune can serve you one gram of sorbitol and half gram of fiber. The fiber can trigger that feeling of fullness within the eater and it can easily pass off from intestine. Whereas sorbitol is one compound which actually imparts the laxative properties to prunes. The prunes are also laced with other compound called diphenylisatin which has laxative properties. These laxative properties actually help in achieving the weight loss. The sorbitol molecules get sticked with toxins and flush them out of the intestine and boost the immunity of the intestine. The overboard consumption of prunes can induce diarrhea too.  


The prunes are also loaded with potassium which helps to keep the blood sugar levels in check. The altering blood sugar levels actually triggers food cravings in a person and also forces him to go for binge eating.


Other than all these the prunes are loaded with phenols which helps in regulating the functioning of body and also equips it in big way to fight against the diseases like cataract, cancer, etc.


Prune Recipes for Weight Loss

  • Prune Cookies: This healthy and delicious cookie is baked using ingredients such as prunes, vanilla essence; English Toffee Shakes, any low calorie sweetener, warm water, fiber, egg, baking powder, olive oil and olive spray are used in the preparation of cookies. The cookies are good when served warm. The cookies can be served as a tea time snack.


  • Prune Sauce: Unprocessed bran, mashed stewed prunes and apple sauce are used in the preparation of this sauce. This sauce can be enjoyed by diluting with water. And it should be taken before the bed time.  It is recommended to drink it with water because then only it will work in a desired way and relieve you from constipation.


  • Prune Juice: This is best possible way to have prune for weight loss. The prunes can be juiced and savored directly for weight loss. The prunes are flavored with cinnamon for an added taste. Savoring prune juices in empty stomach will not help to alleviate the constipation but also help to improve the digestion. It is normally recommended for people who want to try weight loss using natural ingredients.



Consult your physician or nutrition expert to ascertain the quantities in which prune should be consumed for desired benefits. Remember that overboard consumption can trigger bout of diarrhea and other uneasiness.    


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Prune For Weight Loss