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PancreatitisIt is very important to know about the Pancreatic foods to eat especially when the pancreatic diet has lot of restrictions.


The pancreas is a special gland which is essential for the process of digestion. Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas. Once your pancreas is inflamed you should consume pancreatitis foods to prevent further damage caused by the inflammation.


Let’s see the list of various pancreatitis foods which you can eat easily.


Pancreatitis foods to eat:




When you have a pancreatitis, you should make sure to eat lot of fresh vegetables. You can also make a vegetable juice or vegetable soup and drink it on a regular basis. Vegetables are very good for pancreatitis patients as they are full with enzymes, vitamin, and minerals which are required in treating pancreatitis.




Probiotics such as yogurt are crucial in a pancreatitis diet. The bacteria present in yogurt helps to boost immunity, regulate digestion and reduce inflammation. Yogurt can be the soothing and healing ingredient for the person suffering from pancreatitis.




Blueberries are highly recommended for pancreatic sufferers as they contain high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants help you fight back against free radicals.


Red grapes:


The skin of red grapes contain antioxidant resveratrol which is very effective in healing the pancreas. You can also take a glass of red wine every day if you suffer from pancreatitis.




Tofu is the best way to increase your protein intake and can be taken as a substitute for red meat and other meat products. Tofu tends to reduce the level of fat in your body which is beneficial for pancreatitis patients. Tofu is also easy to digest.




Being rich in nutrients and antioxidants, herbs can boost the immune system and decreases the inflammation of the pancreas. You can either mix the herb in your tea or can be taken as a dried extracts. Some of the best herbs known for healing the pancreas are holy basil, rhodiola, green tea and Indian gooseberry.


Further Recommendation: foods to avoid for pancreatitis
Best foods for pancreatitis

  • Try to minimize the intake of sweets and desserts in order to maintain the blood glucose level.

  • Avoid eating spicy foods. Eating the spicy foods is often the culprit in pancreatitis attacks.

  • Avoid alcohol as alcohol is one of the leading cause of pancreatitis.

  • Do not eat processed foods, especially those which contain hydrogenated oils. The amount of free radicals which come from food increases the longer it sits or the more it is processed. Foods with hydrogenated oils contribute even more.

  • You should also avoid eating foods with high fat content. A diet high in fats is sure to bring on pancreatitis attacks. Therefore it is best to avoid meats, dairy and fried foods.


Start taking these pancreatitis foods in your regular diet. This will really help the digestion process flow smoother and cure the pancreatitis problem very quickly.


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Pancreatitis Foods To Eat