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Fish oil for cancer

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Fish oil supplementsFish oil for cancer is a widely known treatment and recommended by many doctors. Fish oil for cancer has also been a topic of debate because of certain good and bad effects of fish oil on cancer. However, fish oil has proved to be beneficiary in most of the cancers. The main components of fish oil, two polyunsaturated acids EPA and DHA check the progression of hormone dependant cancers like breast cancer or prostate cancer. A study conducted on mice proves that fish oil not only prevents but also treats the growth of tumor. 


Cancers that fish oil can help combat or prevent

  • Esophageal cancer / Colon cancer:  Fish oil is capable of reducing of reducing level of COX-2 enzyme and Barrett’s esophagus, the main causes of Colon cancer and esophageal cancer respectively.
  • Kidney cancer: Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA have proved to be helpful in lowering the risk of kidney cancer, especially in women.
  • Lung Cancer: Due to its effect on hormones and its ability to check the progress of cancer, fish oil has proved to be of immense help in lung cancer.
  • Apart from these fish oil helps in combating many other cancers like – skin cancer, pancreas cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and larynx cancer.

How it helps

Fish oil, after consumption, gets incorporated into the tumor cell membranes and changes the composition of the membrane and thereby changing its response to growth factor or hormones.

Fish oil stimulates immune system, which gets more prepared and fights back the growth of cancer cells.

Fish oil consumption changes the profile of hormones and this proves beneficial in tackling hormones-related cancers.

Fish oil helps in inhibition of prostaglandin, which stimulates tumor cell growth.

Fish oil checks metastasis, which is a process by which cancer cells spreads in other organs from the prime location. This process is inhibited by fish oil.

Fish oil prevents cachexia, a malnutrition caused by cancer. Mostly people die of cachexia and the weakness caused by it.


How to take fish oil

Going by the natural way, you may consume a fat-rich fish like tuna, salmon or mackerel. The best way I to bake or grill the fish, so that Omega -3 from the fish oil reaches our body without any other fat.

If you go for the supplements, choose your supplement correctly. See for the content of Omega-3 fattty acid in the capsule. And also go for a good brand as cheaper brand may give out a high-oxidized product, which does not comes with much benefits.

Side effects / precautions

Like any other fish and fish product, it requires good digestion so initial consumption may result in fishy-burps.

No matter how promising is the use of fish oil, you must always consult your doctor before going on a fish oil diet, especially when disease like cancer is involved. You must also check whether you are allergic to it or not.  


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Fish Oil For Cancer