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Jasmine Oil Benefits

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Wonderful Jasmine OIl BenefitsThe warm, exotic and aromatic Jasmine oil is very well known among the people of Southern India as an exclusive and splendid aphrodisiac. Extracted from the highly aromatic jasmine flowers, jasmine oil benefits have been properly put to use in cosmetic industry, especially in the preparation of perfumes and hair oils. It’s not just the smell, but there are few other hidden properties of this oil that offers jasmine oil benefits. Curious to explore about the reticent benefits of jasmine oil? Just read on…..




What Is Jasmine Oil Made Of?


Jasmine oil is a house to numerous volatile and non-volatile chemicals including benzoic acid, benzaldehyde,isohytol,  benzyl alcohol, indole, cis-3-hexenyl benzoate, cis-jasmine, ceosol, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, linalool, methyl anthranilate,benzyl acetate, p-cresol, nerol, benzyl benzoate, gamma terpineol, nerolidol, phytol and much more. These wonderful chemicals make this simple oil so very beneficial.


A Narrative Of Jasmine Oil Benefits


Bye, Bye Depression!


The excellent antidepressant properties of jasmine oil can used for the treatment of depression. A wonderful mood enhancer, it is a proven solution for mundane feelings. It is also useful in aromatherapy as the stupendous aroma eases the stress and anxiety, allowing the person to drift into a mood filled with positive thoughts.


No More Sepsis!


Make use of the fungicidal, germicidal and anti-bacterial jasmine oil benefits to prevent the formation of sepsis. A drop of this oil serves as a wonderful first aid for cuts and bruises. Along with enhancing the healing process, this oil has the power to prevent the wound from infections.


Good For Women


Jasmine oil comprises numerous chemicals which can help pregnant women. Along with easing the muscles and soothing the pain, it aids in easier child birth as well. External application of jasmine oil can tone the muscles, retaining the elasticity, which otherwise is lost during pregnancy. They act as a galactogogue, which increases the secretion of milk in lactating mothers.


The soothing and relaxing properties of jasmine oil are beneficial for women during painful menstruation as well. The jasmine oil acts an emenagogue, which makes periods regular, clear and less painful.


Jasmine Oil For Hair 


Using jasmine oil along with coconut oil has proven to be very efficient for hair growth. Along with adding to the volume and length, it gives the hair a wonderful aroma and a radiant luster.


Make use of these jasmine oil benefits today!



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Jasmine Oil Benefits