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Apricot Oil Benefits

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Rich with VItamin E, the benefits of apricot oil have been tapped by the cosmetic industry. A wonderful carrier oil that is used in massage therapy with other essential oils, apricot oil comes with a wide range of medicinal and healing properties. Read on to know about some apricot oil benefits here.



What Makes Apricot Oil So Special


The light textured apricot oil comprises unsaturated fatty acids, along with the vitamins A, C and E. Along with the fact that they are easily absorbed by the skin,  apricot oil is one of the safest oil that can be used even on the most sensitive skins.


A Look Into Apricot Oil Health Benefits


Apricot Oil For Skin 


Apricot oil has vitamin E, which has skin softening properties. Its ability to penetrate skin without leaving an oily appeal makes it a wonderful choice as a moisturizer. Along with being an excellent massage oil, it is equally useful as a carrier oil for aromatherapy. Rich in Vitamin A and C, it is useful to fight skin infections like dermatitis, dry and prematurely aged skin. This oil helps in the prevention premature aging by retaining elasticity, clarity and suppleness of the skin. Daily use of apricot under the eyes can help in getting rid of dark circles.


Apricot Oil For Hair


Presence of hair care vitamin A and E provides this oil excellent softening properties , which can be used for keeping the hair soft and supple and healthy.


A Few More Apricot Oil Health Benefits


The oil has been known to heal earaches, but is advisable to be used only following physicians advice. Apricot oil has the potential to treat stomach ulcers, respiratory sickness like bronchitis and rhinitis along with the ability to cure internal problems like constipation. Apricot oil contains various anti-asthmatic constituents and it also helps to boost your immune system.


But beofre trying out these apricot oil benefits, check with your physician!


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Apricot Oil Benefits