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Ginger For Weight Loss

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Have you ever tried ginger for weight loss? No?! Then we would suggest giving it a try because recently it was found that ginger is very effective in bringing weight loss. It has been refered to as wonder spice because ginger was found to be effective in correcting several digestive disorders which can elevate the cholesterol levels and BMI of a person.



Ginger And Weight Loss

The first mention of ginger as weight loss aid can be traced back to the famous Indian medicinal text known as Ayurveda. It has been suggested that various forms of ginger and ginger supplements can be effectively used for weight loss. The ginger variants like ginger spice, ginger tea, and ginger tincture are known to regularize the functions of stomach by cleansing intestines, liver, colon and inhibiting the growth of intestinal parasites. It can also stabilize the cholesterol levels and reduce harmful fecal matter which add up to your belly fat and leads to unhealthy weight gain.


How to Use Ginger For Weight Loss?

Following are some of the ways to use ginger for weight loss.

  • Chop a piece of ginger root and eat it before each meal because it is known to inhibit the markers which cause indigestion.
  • Add fresh, peeled and grated ginger to the stir fried or sautéed vegetables because it not only increases the flavor of that particular dish but also makes it more nutritious.
  • Drink ginger tea before a meal. It aids in boosting your appetite and helps in digestion. For best results you should have ginger tea atleast thrice a day. Ginger tea is known as effective aid for alleviating the cold and nausea.
  • Grate small pieces of ginger and drink it with lemon juice and salt. Nibbling this juice little before and after the meals will help in controlling the growth of bacteria which hinders the digestion and affects the metabolism.


Final Word

Here are some of things that should be kept in mind if you are seriously considering ginger for weight loss:

  • Do not combine ginger with blood thinning medicines and aspirin because it is already a natural blood thinner.
  • Excessive use of ginger can be annoying because it can lead to unpleasant experiences like nausea, mouth irritation and heart burn.
  • Avoid using the ginger roots that appear wrinkled because it indicates that the ginger is past its prime and does not yield any health properties.
  • Ground ginger can be substituted for the fresh ginger but it is not generally used in the preparation of the ginger tea.


Ginger is loaded with gingerol which is a powerful anti-cancerous aid too. Apart from using ginger for weight loss you can perhaps try it out for quenching your thirst, reviving the functions of brain and rekindling your romance too. 


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Ginger For Weight Loss