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Rice For Weight Loss

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Why dont you try rice for weight loss?

Have you gone mad to suggest me the rice for weight loss?

These are just the sample of conversations which may happen if someone suggests the other to try out rice for weight loss.

The second conversation mostly arises from the century old belief that one should avoid rice while following the weight loss diet. But studies suggest that that is not the true thing to do because rice is an important element of any healthy diet routine. It is rich in proteins and is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. The increased consumption of rice aids in lowering the intake of saturated fats. 


How Are Rice and Weight Loss Related To Each Other?

  • We rarely think about the nutrients present in the bowl of cooked rice which are awaiting their turn on the dinner table. In fact the whole-grain rice which we normally eat is form of complex carbohydrates and it aids in weight loss by  triggering the feeling of fullness within the eater. This type of rice takes longer time to digest than the regular white rice.
  • The white rice which is normally used in the preparation of pancakes is refined form of carbohydrate and it is completely used up by the body. Also, the studies suggest that the whole-grain rice like the brown rice laced with bleached flour may not be healthful compared to the plain brown rice. So, it is recommended that people should read the contents of their rice packets before making the buying decision.


The weight loss by rice is better promoted by famous rice diet program.


How Reliable Is Rice Diet Program?

Rice diet program is the weight loss program which promotes the usage of rice for weight loss. The health experts suggest that this program is unlike the other fad weight loss plans because it was perfected over concrete clinical studies.  This diet was developed by Walter Kempner who identified that the rice diet aided in weight loss and also worked effectively in curbing the effect of diabetes and hypertension.  Kempner also suggested that rice diet should be supplemented with vitamins, fruit, or fruit juices, and iron supplements for best results.The rice diet program still enjoys immense popularity because it encourages  low-sodium, low-calorie, low-sugar, low-fat and high –carbohydrate laid food routine for effective weight loss and aids in curbing the severity of different diseases.


Rice Recipes For Weight Loss

  • Rice Summer Salad: As the name suggests this salad can be soothing to stomach in the scorching summer months. This salad is prepared by combing the cooked whole grain rice with available vegetables and is flavored with mustard powder. It is either served as main dish or piled in salad leaves and served after garnishing with watercress and tomatoes.
  • Spicy Rice: This healthy rice dish is prepared by combing the cooked whole-grain rice with mushrooms, curry powder and diced Chinese cabbage. This rice is normally flavored and salsa before serving.
  • Brown Rice Curry: The dish is equally interesting as the name. It is prepared by combining the uncooked brown rice with vegetable or chicken stock and various types of cooking powders and herbs. Olive oil is used in moderate amounts to flavor the curry.  


Final Thoughts

One thing should be kept in mind that eating rice itself won’t lead to weight loss alone but eating the right type of rice will surely make the difference.


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Rice For Weight Loss