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Wheat Germ Oil Benefits

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wheat germ oil


The cosmetic industry has accepted the scientifically proven wheat germ oil benefits. Extracted from wheat germ kernels, wheat germ is the largest source of Vitamin E. This pale yellow colored oil has a very delicate and soothing aroma, which makes it a preferred choice in aroma therapy. Before we go into the details of the benefits of wheat germ oil, let us see what makes this oil so rich and beneficial.



The Secret Of Wheat Germ Oil



Besides Vitamin E, wheat germ oil also contains the vitamins A and D in rich amounts along with lecithin and protein. An ideal source of antioxidants, wheat germ oil minerals in trace amounts as well.


A Sneak Peek Into Wheat Germ Oil Benefits


Wheat Germ Oil For Healthy Skin


The vitamin E present in this oil acts as a wonderful natural sun screen agent. Regular external application of this oil has proven to keep the skin moisturized, which in turn makes the skin smooth and radiant. The regenerative properties of wheat germ oil have been much in demand in cosmetic industry.


The antioxidants of wheat germ oil helps in eliminating the free radicals. Thus, it finds a vital place in the various anti-ageing creams and lotions. Apply wheat germ oil to get rid of the stretch marks developed during pregnancy. Applying this oil around the eyes can help you get rid of those ugly dark circles.


Heal and soften your chapped lips and heels with wheat germ oil. A good natural remedy for eczema and psoriasis, this wonderful oil has also be proven to be a good antiseptic as well.


The easy penetrative power of wheat germ oil makes it ideal to be used a baby oil also.


Have A Hale & Healthy Heart With Wheat Germ Oil


Researches have proven that wheat germ oil benefits can be made use to improve the functioning of heart. Octacosanol and policosanol present in wheat germ oil can play a significant role in boosting the cardiovascular functioning. Policosanol has the potential to restrict the production of bad cholesterol, thereby helping in the boosting and maintenance of good cholesterol.


Wheat Germ For Overall Wellness


The fatty acids – stearic, oleic, palmitic and linoleic acids – present in this oil can help in enhancing the nervous system functioning, while promoting the growth and regeneration of healthy cells. Regular intake of wheat germ oil is beneficial for overall improvement of immune power of the body.


You can reap the wheat germ oil benefits via external application or by regular consumption. So, choose according to your convenience and enjoy the benefits!


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Wheat Germ Oil Benefits