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Healthy Snacks For Toddler

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While planning healthy snacks for toddler ensure that they are safe for young children to consume without posing any choking hazards. Young children love to snack on sweet things and it is best to provide them with naturally sweet products like fruits and berries. But, it is not always easy to satisfy your toddler with fruits all the time and little bit of creativity and preparation would be needed to ensure that toddler gets to eat healthy snacks. You just have to remember to keep high fat cheese, heavy cream and plenty of sugar away from the snacks. These are difficult for a toddler to digest. Given below are some easy to digest toddler healthy snacks.


List of Toddler Healthy Snacks that You Can Try

                                                                                                                                            Toddler snack

Macaroni and Cheese – Macaroni is a good source of calcium and protein. Low fat cheese and skimmed milk can be added to increase the nutrient content of macaroni. Add in some salt according to taste and a few bread crumbs for a crunchy pasta experience for your toddler.






Honey Muesli bar – Toddlers love this honey bar. Other ingredients included in this healthy snack are oranges, dried apples, hazelnut, apricot and strawberry. The bar is filled with nutrition and all moms should try this at least once.



Healthy snacks

Vegetable roll – This yummy roll filled with vegetables like potato, peas, cauliflower, beetroot, onion, tomato and flavored with pepper, lime juice and salt is a power packed healthy snack for toddlers. The bread can be prepared at home using wheat flour.






                                                                                                                                             Snacks for toddler

Mini pizzas – All children love pizzas and toddlers are not far behind. Pizzas could be the best way to get your little one to eat all the vegetables. Design a mini pizza and top it with veggies and low fat cheese. Your kid would certainly love this snack.









Healthy toddler snack

Fruit pudding – Cut some fruits like bananas, apples, kiwis, oranges add in some bonbons, cheese and apple sauce. Nuts too can be added to increase the crunchy texture as well as the nutrient content, but toddlers should be checked for nut allergy as well as ensure that nuts do not become a choking hazard for the little ones.






Most toddlers are picky eaters but none will refuse a snack. Providing healthy snacks for toddler would ensure that he has a full, satisfied stomach as well as a healthy body.



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Healthy Snacks For Toddler