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When You Should Choose Organic

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"ORGANIC"is a term used meaning that produce are not in contact with synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals.

“What foods do you avoid?” Here are some suggestions:

Canned Tomatoes

These cans are lined with a resin containing BPA,  tomatoes are especially dangerous because their acid breaks the BPA down in dangerous amounts. Better yet, grown your own, freeze them after picking and use them year round.

 Beef (conventional)

          The cattle are fed grain, soy and corn to make them fat. They are often raised in "factory farms". These are industrial-scale facilities that feed and house tens of thousands of animals in such close proximity that even grazing is impossible. They live in such close quarters that they can hardly move, and don't even have space to lie down.

         On the other hand, most organic cattle, are raised in open-air fields or pastures, and are free to move about as they wish. Regulations state that organic livestock must have access to the outdoors...fresh air, and direct sunlight...opportunity to roam around freely..and appropriate clean, dry bedding.

 Microwave Popcorn

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) lines microwave popcorn bags. When they are heated it realeases gases which have been linked to infertility and certain cancers. No better way than the old-fashioned air popped corn kernels for a special treat.

Potatoes (conventional)

Non-organic potatoes are heavily sprayed with herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.  Plant your own, they are so good!

Farmed Salmon

Farmed salmon are stuffed into pens and fed chicken feathers and pellets. Studies on fish contamination show high levels of carcinogens such as DDT and PCBs. A better option would be to purchase wild pacific salmon.

Milk (conventional)

Dairy cows are fed growth hormones to maximize milk production. This increases chances of udder infection and pus in the milk. The cows then need to be treated with antibiotics to fix the problem caused by man. This goes directly into the milk that you will be drinking. You can try making your own almond or coconut milk..mmmm..

Apples (conventional)

Apples are heavily and frequently sprayed with pesticides.  This has been linked to Parkinson disease. Now, growing your own apple trees will not give you the perfect looking fruit but the taste will be awesome!

To find out more about these dangerous foods, click on the link below. You will be able to view this amazing health documentary for FREE "Food Matters".

The two following  links will give you direction as far as which fruit and vegetables are high in pesticides. This will guide you as to which ones you should try to purchase organic.

Eating fresh produce is the best gift that we have. It beats eating processed foods or fast food for sure....we just need to be cautious as far as the foods that we choose to put on our plates.

In health....

The Health Nut!!!


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When You Should Choose Organic