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Walnut Allergy - Causes, Symptoms, and Cure

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Walnut Allergy

Walnut Allergy  is not too uncommon and is considered to be very similar to the allergic reactions of tree nuts or peanuts. It is not only the nutritious fruit that may be the culprit here though, using any kind of products including oil, creams and powders that contain the fruit in some quantity can result in discomfort and pain.



Reasons for Walnut Allergy

A protein present in the walnut can inadvertently result in a number of symptoms that cause trouble. The body reacts violently to the walnut protein and the histamine that is released by the mast cells try to get rid of it and the body experiences inflammation, pain and itching as a consequence. The Immunoglobulin E is the main antibody created in response to the allergen and the symptoms persist as long as the protein remains within the body.

Presence of other nut allergies and birch pollen allergy along with a family history of allergies can increase the risk of developing adverse reactions to the fruit. 


Walnut Allergy Symptoms

  • Swelling of the facial area along with the gums, mouth and oral cavity.
  • Skin hives and eczema with intense itching.
  • Runny nose and watery eyes.
  • Wheezing with persistent sneezing and coughing
  • Asthma attacks can be brought on in people already prone to such respiratory problems.
  • Pain in the abdomen with diarrhea and bloating quite similar to food poisoning symptoms.
  • Severe reactions to walnuts may result in a sharp drop of blood pressure with the patient  losing consciousness ultimately.


Diagnosis of Walnut Allergy

  • Skin Prick Test and Blood tests known as RAST may help to diagnose the problem successfully.


Treating Walnut Allergy Symptoms

  • Skin conditions can be treated with medicated skin creams and lotions.
  • Anti histamine drugs are likely to cure common cold like symptoms.
  • Bronchodilators work well if the patient suffers from asthma.
  • Epinephrine injections are essential if the condition becomes severe and life threatening.
  • Avoiding walnuts in all forms completely is the only solution that prevent recurrence of the allergic symptoms.


Taking timely precautions will help you as well as your loved ones to get the better of walnut allergy successfully.  It is time to visit your doctor and take the necessary steps now!

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Walnut Allergy - Causes, Symptoms, And Cure