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Fish oil for arthritis

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Fish oil supplementsFish oil for arthritis is tried and tested remedy and this is yet another reason why fish oil should be a part of your daily diet. The versatile fish oil is said to be helpful in rheumatic and osteoarthritis. Fish oil can be consumed in natural form or capsules (fish oil supplements). Just like fish oil has been found to be effective in curing cardiovascular ailments and other health problems, it has been found that fish oil is useful in arthritis as well. Ocean fish like salmon and tuna are the best source of fish oil.


How it works

  • Resolvin D2 resolves it all: Resolvin D2 is a strong-inflammatory chemical that reduces pain in arthritis. And Resolvin D2 comes from fatty acid present in fish oil. Hence fish oil is recommended for arthritis patients.
  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaaenoic (DHA) present in fish oil also helps in reducing stiffness during arthritis.
  • Tried and tested on an experiment group, it was found that fish oil helps in morning stiffness and inflammation healing. It not only reduces pain but also helps in treating the ailment as it restores the acid in joints.
  • In Osteoarthritis fish oil controls the cartilage-destroying chemical. And in Rheumatoid arthritis it controls and reduces inflammation and also reduces the intake of steroidal medicines.
  • In some patients, fish oil can eliminate all the medicines of arthritis as it reduces pain. You may not take any other medicine.Arthritis
  • Apart from healing arthritis, fish oil helps in curing or providing protection against many other big and small diseases.

Fish oil v/s fish oil supplement

Fish oil is best consumed naturally, however, if the digestion is not allowing that fish oil supplement can help. While taking supplement it should be taken care that less oxidized supplements should be taken, as it contains less non-fish oil chemicals. Eating sea fish diet can also help as it contains fish oil. Fish oil supplements are also handy in such time and can be eaten without smelling or actually tasting fish oil.

Precaution and side-effects

  •  You must consult your doctor before taking fish oil supplements
  • Do not discontinue you arthritis medicine when you start taking fish oil, unless you doctor suggests.
  • It requires good digestion so the body may take time when you initially start taking fish oil. So, fish-tasting burp can also occur initially.
  • Fish oil restores natural acid in body and it is not a medicine. More pain doesn’t mean you double your fish oil intake.
  • While moderate I gm per day dosage is recommended for a healthy human being, for patients, the dosage should be discussed with the doctor.

Fish oil for arthritis is one of safest remedies. However, not many know about this wonder food.

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Fish Oil For Arthritis