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Fish oil for depression

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Fish -- A Heatlthy OptionFish oil for depression? Strange but true. Fish oil is miraculous when it comes to depressions – be it temporary or chronic. While it comes with an array of benefits for many other ailments, it is also a mood elevator. Brain comprises 60 percent of fat and deficiency in essential fats may lead to depression. Fish oil being well equipped with fatty acids (fat cells) is the best solution and as a bonus it also also takes care of other ailments of your body.  


How fish oil reduces depression


  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), two major components of fish oil are effective in combating depression and aggressiveness.
  • Omega 3 fatty acid is important for smooth functioning of brain and a good supply of the same helps in keeping the mood up.
  • Not only depression, fish oil also helps in combating other negative mental state like anxiety, anger, post-natal depression, childhood depression and even suicidal tendencies.
  •  The EPA not only helps in regenerating of brain but also stimulates stem cells. Eventually it also results in improved mood. 
  • A layman’s logic of fish oil’s role on depression is – fish oil keeps you fit and fights many ailments and fit body cannot have a depressed mind.   
  • It is to be noted that fish and fish oil is different. A fish diet is also recommended for other benefits.
  • Deficiency of DHA may lead to brain abnormalities, therefore 1 gm of fish oil daily can keep a body at its best in terms of mental and physical health.
  • It’s natural and hence works at its own pace. Do not mistake fish oil to be a medicine. Fish oil takes two to four weeks before one could see any decrease in symptoms of depression. This also differs from individual to individual.



fisl oil supplement

  • Like everything else, pollution has its effect on oceans and hence marine life too. Excess of fish diet may lead to toxicity in the body.
  • Supplement is preferred as safe, however, a low quality supplement may also have adverse effect on the body.
  • Like every other research, this too has contradiction. However, on a scale of 10, eight will recommend fish oil to fight depression.
  • Always check with the doctor before going on a fish oil diet to avoid allergy.  
  • An overall good diet is required. Alone fish oil cannot help unless you eat a heathy diet, which is rich in proteins and fiber (fruits, vegetable, lean proteins).

Depression is gradually engulfing people of all age group, and people are resorting different therapies. In such situation 1 gm of fish oil is not a bad idea to get that healthy mind and healthy body.

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Fish Oil For Depression