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Olive Oil Benefits

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olive oil

Olive oil benefits are immense. This common ingredient comes as a part of the regular diet of the Mediterranean regions. The extra virgin olive oil is better for your health and is known from time immemorial for its utility in the Egyptian civilization. There are a number of benefits of olive oil that will be part of our discussion but only after gaining a grip on its important constituents.


Nutritionally Beneficial Constituents of Olive oil:

The main benefits of olive oil has been attribute due to the presence of fatty acids like oleic acid, an essential fatty acid, higher amounts of polyphenols like squalene, olecanthol, triterpenes, and hundreds of other micro nutrients. Some of the mineral and nutritional value of the olive oil includes the presence of vitamins E, K and A.


What is extra virgin olive oil?

Olive oils that are made by cold pressing the ripened olives, taking care that the range of acidity do not go beyond 1 per cent are known as extra virgin oil. These oils are much more beneficial than ordinary olive oils but are expensive than the later.


Health benefits of olive oil:

Olive oil alleviates the following health conditions as discussed below:

  1. Healthy heart with a check on cholesterol level:  Of the various grades of olive oils being available, the extra virgin cooking oil is the one that has been credited for being the most popular in alleviating the symptoms and the conditions of various cardiac ailments. This has been claimed to be due to the presence of increased amounts of polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants and mono unsaturated fatty acids, which has been well established in reducing the culprit of heart ailments, the cholesterol.
  2. Cancer is another deadly disease that has been claiming lives and you can win the disease and still survive the trauma in a natural way by using the various types and preparations of olive oil. The presence of abundant polyphenols in olive oils prevents the occurrence of cancer. The main cancers that are better managed by supplementation of olive oils are colon cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, and leukemia. However, this is not an alternative to the therapy, but only a supplement to speed up the process of revival.
  3. Blood Pressure is much controlled by the use of extra virgin olive oil. This oil reduce the need for medications.
  4. Gallstones are prevented and their incidence are reduced by consuming olive oil. This is a condition where the stones are produced in the gall bladder leading to jaundice, improper digestion and prevention of the proper functioning of the liver.
  5. Other benefits of olive oil are them acting as good conditioners for hair, repairs damaged and broken hairs, and keeps your skin clear. Thanks to Vitamin E and polyphenols, this aids in reducing and reversing the process of aging.


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Olive Oil Benefits