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Nutritional Typing

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Nutritional typing is a quick way to find out what foods will work with your metabolism. Will your body burn it quickly, accept it and eliminate it properly or store it as fat?

It will help you determine if you are a protein type, carb type or a mixed type. This is an easy way to eliminate all of the guess work and it can really make you more at ease when it comes to choosing the best healthy foods for your body type.

What works for one person may not necessarily work for another person. This all depends how quickly food is processed through your body, how quickly your metabolism burns the food and how active you are in your own daily life.

Dr. Joseph Mercola offers this quick, free personal assessment questionnaire that will give you great tips and guidelines to answering all of your questions. You will even receive a free cookbook via email to help you start making great meals today!

You just need to put your mind in the right frame of mind, take in all of the information and watch your life and body transform itself before your eyes.

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Nutritional Typing