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Hello Summer!

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I know that summer does not start until mid June but Memorial day is the start of this lovely weather for me. I just refuse to belive that it is Spring still. The beautiful weather we have in the Northeast right now is a clear indication that I will not be disappointed.

For those of you unaware of this holiday, it is celebrated in the US on the last Monday in May. It is in memory of those who have died for our country.flag Parades are a main feature of this day followed by food and fun get togethers. For most of the families I know it also means starting the BBQ and getting ready for the summer. For many it also means the beach day. What ever this holiday signifies to you I am sure you enjoy it with food.

Let me share with you how I plan a picnic.. First of all I am a vegetarian so my BBQ is boring for all the meat fans. Yet  I will share recipes for a cool vegetarian BBQ and I will tell you my experiences of a great outdoor picnic.  Well my friends, picnic involves a lot of planning  so that you have good  fun. Organization is the key. Always pack a cooler with a lot of ice and have plenty of drinks. Keep you self Hydrated.

Don't let the food sit in the sun for a long time if it needs to be chilled. Make sure you chill it well before you pack it. Keep it on ice. I freeze the drinks the night before. I pack them the next day. They do the job of ice too besides keeping themselves just enough cold. I freeze juice boxes for the kids and they just love it. Don't forget the potato sald and the pasta salad. I bring a lot vegetables like  corn, peppers, eggplant, onions, tomatoes for grilling. Pineapples grill well too. Enjoy them all on a bun with cool condiments. I don't beleive in those meatless patties. If you miss them so much just eat the meat. I make some Indian aloo tikki and stuff it in the bun.

Apart from the food don't forget the table covers. I pack sheets and towels too. They are helpful to enjoy a nice nap or sun bathe after all the food is gone or the tummy needs a little rest. I take some outdoor games but no music. I just feel more comfortable hearing the birds, the airplane in the sky, the kids screaming and friends talking. Make some lemonade and fill in tall pitcher. Nothing beats a homemade lemonade.

Make sure you are drinking enough and apply sunscreen several times during the course of the day. You don't want to burn your skin.

Hope you have a memorable Memorial Day. Don't forget to tell the kids  what the day actually means, not just food and fun. 

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Hello Summer!