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Potato For Eyes

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Ever thought of using potato for eyes! Well, potatoes are not just fattening but a treasure trove of health benefits and help maintain a good and healthy eye sight for years. The incorporating potatoes in the diet of young kids can even be more fruitful, as this practice is helpful in preserving the priceless vision till old age. These ubiquous tubers are enriched with niacin, potassium, phosphorus, Vitamin C, calcium, fiber, protein, thiamine, and ounces of iron as essential element. You can imagine the influence these health goodies can cast on your overall health, and skin and eyes are best influenced. Let us get into the ways potato nurtures our eyes.


Health Benefits of Potato on Eyes

We can experience short sightedness, diminished vision, dark circles below the eyes, some retinal or corneal damage, or various age related syndromes. One easy way of keeping yourself at bay with such ailments could be to indulge in high vitamin A, high protein, and high potassium diet. Potato is one such tuber which is bestowed with all kinds of nutrients beneficial for good vision. The skin of potato has high level of antioxidants which could play crucial role in keeping you away from age related diseases.


Potato for Dark Circles

Potato slices are great to mop up the dark circles surrounding your lower eyelid. Dark circles are basically the cause of anemia or some post disease recovery. Religious usage of potato slices or potato juice can result in wiping out the dark circles, and making you look healthier.  The proper way of applying potato slice is to drench it in cold or chilled water, or keep it refrigerated, followed by pressing of eyes for 30 minutes in one go.


Potato for preventing Macular Degeneration

Age related macular degeneration is a common form of blindness affecting large section of population. Potato has hefty dose of antioxidants, and wards off any deficiency syndromes of eyes. The cataract like condition is also kept suppressed if one takes good amount of boiled potato recipe.


Potato for puffiness

Potato have surplus dose of Vitamin C which in a way helps in boosting iron uptake in blood, and this process is very much helpful in reducing swollenness, and puffiness of eyes. So get some potato healthy recipes to free yourself from puffy eye bags.

These were some of the great ways on how potato is good for eyes. We can be assured that pride of Idaho has much to offer.

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Potato For Eyes