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Sunflower Oil Allergy

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Sunflower oil allergy is less common as compared to other food allergies but one ought to know about it, as the oil has numerous uses in cooking. More importantly, sunflower oil also forms an important ingredient of many cosmetic products. While using sunflower oil in such forms, many individuals suffer from swelling, skin rashes, itching and asthma. So, although uncommon but the allergic reactions are severe, so let’s get into depth of sunflower oil allergies.


Symptoms Of Sunflower Oil Allergy

Like any other food allergy, sunflower allergy also appears in different forms. Furthermore, different individuals suffer from different allergic signs depending upon their body’s response and sensitiveness.


Oral Symptoms

Swelling of the mouth, lips, tongue and ears are often seen in sunflower oil sensitive individuals. These reactions are often observed by consuming sunflower oil products though the good point is that they oral symptoms subside soon.


Skin Allergies

Sunflower oil allergies most commonly affect the skin. It appears in the form of skin rashes and hives. Most of the people who use cosmetics that has sunflower oil as one of the ingredient have reported ever itching on neck and arms after applying the oil.


Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Some people suffer from severe stomach cramping and abdominal pain after ingesting sunflower oil. It is also accompanied by nausea and vomiting that further worsens the condition.


Respiratory Reactions

In extreme cases, sunflower oil can also cause chest pain, migraine attack and troubled breathing. These symptoms should never be overlooked and one should immediately consult a doctor.


Anaphylactic Reactions

When various allergic reactions trigger simultaneously, a person may undergo anaphylactic shock. This situation is very serious as it often turns fatal if left untreated.


Factors Behind Sunflower Oil Allergies

Sunflower allergies are not common and it often appears due to mistaken identity. The immune system recognizes the ingredient as a foreign particle unsafe for the body. It acts accordingly and protects the body from by releasing antibodies. The interaction of body to the sunflower oil results into unpleasant feeling and allergic reactions in the body.



If an individual is diagnosed with sunflower oil allergy, he should always remain alert. Before buying any food products, checking the labels of ingredients should be mandatory. In addition, medicines prescribed by the doctor should always be kept with the individual so that he can use it in case of emergency.


Since, sunflower oil allergy is uncommon so most individual usually neglect it. However, this can turn dangerous, so if you ever notice any allergic symptoms always consult an allergist to confirm the level of allergic response in your body.


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Sunflower Oil Allergy