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Health Benefits of Blue Cheese

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Blue cheese looks unusual but there are several health benefits of blue cheese. Blue cheese in rich in calcium, thus, it helps in preventing several diseases. Blue cheese consists of goat’s milk in place of cow’s milk and goat’s milk is in itself healthier than milk obtained from cow. The milk obtained from a goat contains less but it is rich in iron, vitamin A and B and phosphorus. Thus, this cheese can be easily digested as compared to the cow’s milk cheese. So, those individual who are lactose-intolerant must eat this cheese. Let us have a look at the health benefits of blue cheese in details.


Helps Prevent Diseases

Cheese contains high calcium content that not only prevents bone loss but helps you to avoid migraine headaches too. Additionally, calcium helps to prevent blood clotting as well as the risk of breast cancer. It also helps in regulating blood pressure and promotes muscle contraction.


Assists Growth in Girls

Since cheese is rich in calcium, it helps the girls to develop strong bones. It has been seen that girls who obtain their calcium content from blue cheese have been seen to possess higher "whole-body bone mineral density" as compared to those girls who consume calcium supplements.


Prevents Gout

Gout is a regular kind of arthritis which attacks you upon shellfish, meat, carbohydrates and alcohol. Studies conducted so far have proved that the risk of gout can be can be minimized by consuming dairy products, even if you continue your unhealthy eating habits along with it.


Helps Burn Fat

A study published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" states that a diet rich in calcium helps in losing the body fat. This study was conducted on women aged between 18-30 years. Half of the women in the group consumed a calcium-rich diet whereas the remaining half ate low-calcium foods. it was seen that a diet rich in calcium helped the women to burn fat 20 times faster thatn those who ate low-calcium diet.


Helps Fight Cavities

Those who eat blue cheese rarely get affected by dental problems and tooth decay. Any of the varieties of blue cheese work against fighting cavities. These varieties include aged cheddar, brie, Swiss, Monterey, jack and gouda. Cheese can be eaten after a meal or you may have it in the form of a snack. Plaque acids are neutralized by the milk protein present in blue cheese. Hence, you end up getting a beautiful smile.


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Health Benefits Of Blue Cheese