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Milk For Upset Stomach

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Milk for upset stomach is a controversial issue. Some dieticians are of opinion that milk and upset stomach are poles apart and connecting these two may worsen the case. Although there are some opinions that fresh boiled milk might be good for upset stomach but it has not proved effective for everybody.




Let’s take a view at whether milk for upset stomach is a healthy remedy or not.


Acid reflux and milk

If someone is facing problem with acid reflux and suffers from upset stomach, drinking cold milk is a safe idea because milk works like a neutralizer and reduces excess acid from our digestive system.

Those who have ulcer in their digestive system they are often advised to consume milk because milk helps in reducing stomach irritation. However those who are lactose intolerant may not be able to follow this remedy.

Kefir’s Milk for upset stomach

Drinking Kefir’s milk is a great option for relief of stomach upset problem. Kefir’s milk is a kind of fermented milk and it is often prescribed by the doctors for clearing bacterial obstruction in the gut. Kefir’s milk relieves pain and cramps associated with stomach upset. Another good point about Kefir’s milk and stomach upset is that even lactose-sensitive people can have it.

Milk and peptic ulcer patients

Those who are patients of peptic ulcer are often advised to consume cold milk without sugar as milk works for them as acid regulator. Instead of cow’s milk, they can consume goat’s milk and almond milk to relieve themselves of stomach pain and irritation; however, it is always better to seek the doctor’s advise before taking any other milk as cow milk substitute.

Milk for upset Stomach is often proved as controversial because of the lactose intolerance issue. Therefore it is better to avail milk remedy for upset stomach on recommendation of doctor only.


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Milk For Upset Stomach