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Alcohol For Upset Stomach

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The negative impact of alcohol for upset stomach is a well known fact. Consumption of alcohol and upset stomach may go hand in hand for some people mainly those who are addicted to alcohol at their daily routine. Let’s take a look how alcohol and upset stomach are interrelated.


Alcohol and upset stomach is often seen as trigger and after effect. For some people alcohol and consumption of alcohol works as a trigger for stomach upset and for some people stomach upset is seen as an after reaction of boozing. For these people upset stomach is seen as one of the associated complication of hangover irritation etc.


Alcohol and dehydration causes upset stomach


One of the main reasons behind upset stomach due to alcohol consumption is due to dehydration. Dehydration is set by a by-product in alcohol called, acetaldehyde. While acetaldehyde generates dehydration, due to dehydration often stomach gets upset which related alcohol and stomach upset at one line. In this aspect the responsibility of alcohol for upset stomach cannot be absolutely denied although this symptom is seen in certain people while there are several instances where alcohol and upset stomach have never occurred.


It has been proved that acetaldehyde in alcohol and alcoholic beverages sometimes triggers vomiting and vomiting causes lots of loss of liquid from body and setting in dehydration. Dehydration is often found as one of the reasons behind upset stomach. The reactions of acetaldehyde is often proves devastating as it irritates stomach lining causing heartburn, and cramps and initiates major disorder in stomach functioning.


How alcohol and stomach upset is interrelated


Alcohol for Stomach upset is a known factor; there are several contributing reasons also. Overdose of drinking, over consumption, inadequate intake of plain water may lead to acute dehydration however, it affects brain power also. Therefore it is clearly understood that lack of nerves’ activities a person may get out of track and upset stomach in many cases is the result of binge eating out of escapism and unrealistic attitude toward life. 


How alcohol and carbonated drink initiates chance of stomach upset


Sometimes alcohols are taken being mixed with cold drinks. This is again a very slow process where total BMR of body gets disturbed due to its carbonated compound and sugary part and carbonated drinks in many cases cause upset stomach and in these cases it is said that alcohol for stomach upset is a notorious trigger. Hard alcohol is another issue which causes dehydration and initiates acute stomach upset due to this draining of liquid from digestive system because it requires plenty of water to process.



How to avoid upset stomach problem due to alcohol



It is better to avoid alcohol consumption. However, a few simple guidelines for these who love to have alcohol and want to avoid stomach upset as well.


  • Drink slowly
  • Take adequate amount of water
  • Have some snacks with the drink
  • Drink sensibly and take your own responsibility


In case you have found alcohol for stomach upset is a common trigger for you, it is better to void it howsoever you like to enjoy it.


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Alcohol For Upset Stomach