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Vinegar For Upset Stomach

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Vinegar for upset stomach provides great relief if consumed according to the recommendation. Vinegar and upset stomach cure is an age-old relief remedy however it is better to know the dose and recommended quality of vinegar before using any vinegar remedy for upset stomach. Before using any vinegar remedy for stomach, it is good to know the types of vinegar, which are good for stomach relief because in market both natural and chemical vinegars are available and chemical vinegar remedy is never recommended for stomach relief.


Apple cider vinegar is natural vinegar prepared from the apple mask and from time in memoriam apple cider vinegar is used to cure upset stomach and upset stomach related discomforts like hiccups, gas, acidity etc. Let’s take a look on the availability of remedy of vinegar for upset stomach.


How To Use Vinegar For Upset Stomach

  • In case you are suffering from upset stomach all you have to take cupful water treated by two table spoonfuls apple cider vinegar.  Apple cider vinegar is of sharp taste. To neutralize the sharpness of taste, you can add one teaspoon of honey in the mixture. Apart from neutralizing upset stomach disorder, this apple cider vinegar for upset stomach remedy works great for gas and flatulence as well.
  • Sometime we suffer from hiccups due to stomach upset problem. In this case take one tablespoon apple cider vinegar raw; it will stop your hiccups immediately.
  • In case due to upset stomach you are suffering from acute loss of appetite. You can try apple cider vinegar to cure your loss of appetite.  take a galls of lukewarm water add 2 spoons apple cider vinegar and one table spoonful honey in it and have this concoction before 30 minutes of each meal. It will cure your appetite problem with immediate effect.
  • Sometimes due to upset stomach we suffer from onset of nausea. With medication you can try placing a vinegar soaked cloth on the stomach externally; it is folk remedy with positive result and users have claimed excellent result out of this remedy for treatment of nausea.
  • If you have indigestion, use of vinegar can be a relief for you. Make a concoction of baking soda and vinegar. Mix these two ingredients until it starts bubbling. Once it starts bubbling have it and enjoy the relief with in next 15-20 minutes from stomach irritation and bloating.


Vinegar for upset stomach can be worked out as a good remedy provided you know how to use it. Overuse may not be good as may create adverse effect.



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Vinegar For Upset Stomach