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Cucumber For Eyes

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Cucumber for eyesThere lies some secret behind those funky green cucumber slices covering the eyes of women in parlor. Cucumber is used for eyes to reduce inflammation, redness, burning sensation, and for gaining the freshness after a day long work. Ranked as one of the most naturally hydrated vegetables, cucumber is power packed with goodness of minerals, and essential nutrients. They have lumpsum amount of Vitamin, caffeic acid, manganese, iron, vitamin A, fiber, calcium, silica, and minerals in its 90% water stuff. Cucumber is can act as natural medicine to rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, hair loss, gastritis, heartburn, gout, and uric acid disorders. But its healing properties speaks more than this, it can do wonders for your eyes, and skin too. To know the wonder effects of cucumber, kindly scroll down, and cherish cucumber.


Cucumber good for Eyes

The ascorbic acid which is vitamin C and caffeic acid are two powerful factors in cucumber which takes away the swelling and puffiness from your eyes. Caffeic acid has some hydrogen peroxide effect on growing bacteria in eyes, and this very property is enough to squeeze and kill the microbes. Thus you can boast of clean and clear eyes with cucumber.


Reduces Blood flow

Cucumber can effectively reduce the blood flow around the eyes, and skin surrounding the eyes. The theory behind this is using chilled cucumber slices or juice, gradually deviates the blood flow around the eyes, and this serves as relaxant by wiping out the puffiness of eyes. The cold slices also benefit in decreasing the blood flow, and when it is coupled with hydration of cucumber`s internal globes, can really be helpful in keeping your eyes skin fresh, and appealing.


Reduces Dark Circle

The silica as natural constituent on cucumber is great in cleaning away the dark circles, and thus plays key role in skin brightening and ironing out the wrinkles. The best part is that you get to see the dramatic results within five days if religiously used below the eyes.


Cucumber as Cold Compress

Thick cucumber slices are widely used as chilled cold pads to pep up your eyes, and soothing it. The cold compresses are made by soaking the slices in cold water, and then keeping it above the eye lids for half an hour.

Cucumber for eyes is the most natural way of maintaining your priceless vision for ages, and enhancing the beauty of your eyes.

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Cucumber For Eyes