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Rice For Upset Stomach

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Rice For Upset Stomach

Using rice for upset stomach is a common home remedy prevailing in several Asian countries. But rice as rice cereal is a vital ingredient of BRAT diet. If are wondering about BRAT diet and would want to know more about using rice to cure upset stomach, then you are in the right place. The blog gives you some easy ideas of using rice for upset stomach relief. Check out these simple, healthy ideas to ease stomach upset with rice.


People suffering from upset stomach experience diarrhea in general. The basic diet in such cases should be meals that can be well chewed. Soft cooked rice is an ideal choice. Rice has the potential to bind the stools together, controlling the diarrhea. Rice also helps to replenish the B vitamins lost during diarrhea.


Upset stomach is characterized by loss of appetite as well. Rice is a lot lighter on your stomach than other cereals. That is why rice is advised by physicians in case of upset stomach.


Have a look at some of the ways you can take rice.


Horchata/Rice Drink

Add rice to boiling water and simmer until rice is cooked. Blend and add cinnamon, sugar, and lemon rind, to taste.



Conjee or rice porridge is prepared by simmering rice in water along with salt.  A comfort food, in the truest sense, this eases the irritation experienced during upset stomach. Despite being light, it keeps you full as well. The longer the rice is cooked, the better.


Rice With Mashed Potatoes

If you feel like enjoying some comfort food during diarrhea, then you can try white rice with mashed potatoes. Mash the well-boiled potatoes with just salt. No butter, no pepper. These low fiber, high starchy foods can be easily digested by human body, thereby easing the intestinal cramping and irritation experienced during upset stomach.


Rice Pudding 

A traditional creamy pudding prepared using rice and milk, you can try preparing without milk. Add sugar and a little vanilla for flavor. While your taste buds will be upset, your stomach will thank you for this delicious treat!


Yogurt & Rice For Upset Stomach

In parts of South India and Sri Lanka, people mix soft cooked rice with homemade yogurt and salt. This dish locally known as curd rice is a known home remedy for upset stomach in these parts of the world. The probiotics in yogurt and the virtues of rice together help relive the person of the symptoms. If you really wish, you can choose this option.


The next time you want to try rice for upset stomach, choose one of these interesting and tasty ways. Bid adieu to the medicines available in the market and practice the home remedies for more comfort.


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Rice For Upset Stomach