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Supplements For Weight Gain

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Supplements For Weight Gain

Supplements for Weight Gain are recommended for malnourished or under weight individuals who cannot gain body weight by means of a nutritious meal alone. This includes people who may be genetically disposed to remain underweight in spite of eating balanced meals. Weight Gain Supplements in the form of multivitamins and minerals  are considered to be healthy as opposed to eating fat loaded food products which may lead to obesity and related problems in the long run.


Supplement Varieties

The dietary supplements that help in gaining body weight are easily available. 


However, the research studies indicate that not all supplements are effective. It is, in fact, essential to consult a professional before including these supplements in your diet. The ones found to work in gaining weight in a healthy way include:-


Not all forms work for everyone though. You will have to try and see which suits you the best. However, since some supplements can cause allergic or other adverse reactions, it is best to consult your doctor before jumping on to start any supplement regimen.


Safety Tips

  • It is important to decide what kind of weight gain is required before attempting to include supplements for weight gain as a part of the dietary regimen.
  • The supplements must be consumed in the proper amount specified and at the right time.
  • Drinking plenty of water is recommended to keep the body hydrated while on weight gain supplements.
  • Checking the label is mandatory as it gives a list of the ingredients used as well as contraindications.


Popular Brands that work

  • Nature's Best Glutamine, Micronized Glutamine and AST GL3.
  • Sportpharma Creatine, Met-Rx Micronized Creatine and AST Creatine HSC
  • Ultimate Nutrition DHEA and Higher Power DHEA
  • Dymatize GABA
  • Met-Rx Whey Protein and Sportpharma Just-Whey
  • AST VyoPro


There are a lot of products available in the market but there is no way to ascertain their effectiveness as  FDA does not require the companies to get their approval before marketing them. It is best to check out the facts by reading up the literature available instead of being taken in by slick packaging and promotional jargon.


Eating well and being happy is the current mantra for staying fit. All you have to do is to include a few  supplements for weight gain to your present dietary regimen and you will be ready to surprise the world with your new, filled out and attractive look. 



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Supplements For Weight Gain