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Balanced Diet Chart For Children

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Balanced diet chart for children is the best guide that helps in promoting healthy eating habit in children. The balanced diet varies based on age, gender, physical condition, and activities carried out. Especially at growing stage, the body would require lot of nutrition to lay foundation for healthy life.  Sticking to the balanced diet chart for kids help to get rid of many health problems like underdevelopment of the body, inadequate brain development,  and child obesity.


Parent’s role in Balanced diet for children


Parents contribute lot to a child’s eating habit; Kids learn good eating habits from their parents. When parents have the habit of eating foods that are high in fiber and low in sugar and fat, kids are more likely inherit the habit from parents. Inculcating the importance of eating healthy food and preparing different varieties of nutritious food for breakfast and lunch would not let them to opt for unhealthy snacks. Parents should always refer balanced diet chart for children to know the food groups and servings recommended.


Food groups in balanced diet chart for kids



Food Groups



8 ounces

Meet & Beans

6.5 ounces


2 cups


3 cups


3 cups




Balanced diet chart for children recommends one serving of grains for each meal of the day. Go for whole grains rather then refined grains. Some of the portions of grains that you can include are one slice of whole grain bread, half a cup of cooked cereal or pasta, one cup of cooked oats, and half cup of rice.


Meat, Fish, Nuts and Beans


This food group is rich in iron and other important nutrients necessary for growing children.  If you refer balanced diet chart for kids, you can find that similar to grains, this food group is also measured by ounces. It is better to broil, and bake fish and meat instead of frying.




Sweet tasting fruits always delight kids. But it should be consumed raw rather than taking them as juices; however you can substitute hundred percent fruit juice with pulp for raw fruits. According to the balanced diet chart for children, two servings of fruits should be included per day.


Milk, cheese, and yogurt


Healthy bones need lots of calcium. Dairy products and milk are the good source of calcium to build skeletal structure in kids.  Two servings of milk and dairy products are recommended for kids. One cup of milk with low-fat cheese can be given in the morning and evening at least 3-4 times in a week.




Vegetables are usually rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is mandatory to add 3 servings of vegetables in a day as per the Balanced diet chart for children. Half a cup of raw vegetable or a cup of raw leafy vegetables is the healthy option which can be given in the form of salad with low fat salad dressing.


By providing variety of foods balanced diet chart for children do not make your kid picky eater.  Further, in case your kid is obese or suffering from health problems, then it is high time to consult the balanced diet chart for children.


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Balanced Diet Chart For Children