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Kindergarten Food Pyramid

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Following Kindergarten food pyramid help kids to opt for healthy choices during childhood and it can continue into adulthood. As many parent think healthy diet doesn’t mean including low fat and organic foods. The food pyramid for kindergarten emphasizes on the five major food groups which gives all the vitamins and minerals essential for kindergarteners to grow strong and big.  Besides five major food groups listed in the kindergarten food pyramid, you can also offer them occasional treats.


Importance of Kindergarten Food Pyramid


USDA department of Agriculture made changes in the Food pyramid to convey Americans what they should eat to be healthy. The changes were also made to food pyramid for kindergarten; it educates parents to provide more of certain foods such as grains, vegetables, and fruits and eat some in moderation such as cheese and yogurt. It is hard to provide the perfect measure prescribed in the Kindergarten food pyramid; however parents should keep this as a guide for healthy food choices.


Kindergartens Food groups




Bagels, pastas, cereal, bread, rice, and crackers come under this food group.  Six ounce of whole grain is recommended by kindergarten food pyramid. Grains are the main part of breakfast, lunch, and dinner for kindergartens, so make sure you get the package which carries the name “whole”.


Meats, Beans, and Nuts


These are good source of protein which gives energy for kindergarteners and help to build muscles as they grow.  Opt for baked or grilled turkey, fish and chicken rather than fried varieties. Vegan kids can go for lentils, nuts, beans, and tofu for their daily protein requirement.




This food group is not always favorite for kids, but you can cook them in a kid friendly way. Broccoli, cabbages, and carrots are rich source of fiber and can avoid constipation, a common problem faced by kindergarteners. Two and half a cup of vegetables can be served either raw or cooked.




The food pyramid of kindergarten recommends one and half a cup of fruits. Usually fruits are sweet and young children would like eating it. However, try to give fresh fruits than going for juices.

Milk, cheese, and yogurt


According to Kindergarten food pyramid, dairy foods like milk, cottage cheese, cheese and yogurt are essential to kids as it supports teeth and bone health. 2 cups of milk is recommended to get the required amount of calcium.


Besides keeping young ones healthy, kindergarten food pyramid also prevents childhood obesity. In case of any assistance in your kindergarteners’ diet, consult your doctor or nutritionist.


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Kindergarten Food Pyramid