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Apple For Upset Stomach

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Apple for upset stomach might not be a popular natural cure remedy but it works wonders when used. You can try apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and apple boiled preparation to cure an upset stomach. However, consumption of raw apples might not be a good idea for treating an upset stomach because raw fibers of apple pulp may worsen the condition.

Let’s take a look at the easy remedies of apple for upset stomach:  



Apple Remedies For Upset Stomach


Steamed apple and honey


Steamed apple treated with honey is a wonderful item which can be taken at the time of stomach upset. It is always good to go for fresh apple and organic honey for making this sweet remedial dish. It is good for kids as well.


Apple and banana mix


Sometimes stomach upset problem causes acidity. Mashed banana with steamed apple treated with 2 teaspoons organic honey is an excellent natural remedy for fixing acid reflux problem and to set normalcy in digestive system. The enzymes in banana and apple heal the stomach problem much quicker.


Apple and nutmeg powder


In some instances stomach upset is followed by diarrhea; in these cases, a mixture of nutmeg powder and fresh apple juice provides great relief against loose motion, abdominal cramping, and irritating flatulence. This apple for upset stomach remedy works wonders as a natural cure of indigestion too.


Apple cider vinegar for upset stomach


Apple cider vinegar has all the healing properties of apple hence consuming apple cider vinegar in diluted amount in many instances works as a stomach remedy. One should consume one tablespoon apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon honey in one glass lukewarm water to treat upset stomach; this home remedy will surely provide some relief. However, don’t try this remedy on kids below 6-7 years.


Apple for stomach upset is a great help for natural cure process. In your case, if you feel the problem of upset stomach, do not forget to use apple to be fit and fine besides consulting a doctor.


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Apple For Upset Stomach