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Olive Oil Allergy

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We mostly read about the health benefits of olive oil but recently I got to know about olive oil allergy that was actually surprising. Although, it is uncommon, we should know about any allergy related to olive oil consumption as it is often used in cooking. It  forms an important ingredient of many preparations. In this article, I would make you aware with some of the important facts related to allergy caused by the consumption of olive oil.


Common Symptoms Of Olive Oil Allergy


Olive oil is considered safe for most of the people but some individuals are hypersensitive to it. They often exhibit several allergic symptoms by ingesting or touching olive oil. The symptoms may vary from simple skin rashes to life threatening anaphylaxis.


Abdominal Pain


If you have eaten a pizza, cooked and baked in olive oil and you are suffering from severe stomach cramps, consult a doctor as it might be the symptom of olive oil allergy. One can also experience nausea, vomiting, bloating and diarrhea after consuming olive oil. Such reactions would take normal course of time to subside but if they prevail for longer time frame, required medicines should be taken to control them.


Skin Rash


It is often observed when an individual is sensitive even to the touch of olive oil. The skin gets inflamed and several patches appear on it. In severe cases, inflammation may spread across the body and results into itchiness.




An allergic reaction in the form of hives often appears when the individual either consume or touch the olive oil. Such olive oil all allergies are not worrisome and often last for shorter duration extending maximum up to 24 hours. However, hives have the tendency to break out in different parts of the body which sometimes becomes troublesome.


Respiratory Allergies


Inflammation of lungs and chest pain is commonly associated with olive oil consumption in person allergic to it. The respiratory allergies may turn fatal as it ranges from simple wheezing and coughing to shortness of breath. One should never wait for such allergies to subside naturally and immediately seek medical attention.


Low Blood Pressure


Though rare in occurrence, but olive oil may also cause a severe drop in blood pressure, leading to death. Many people experience such symptoms after consuming olive oil. In such situations, one should immediately rush to the health care provider.


Factors Behind Olive Oil Allergies


Olive oil proteins are the main allergy causing components. When a hypersensitive individual consumes olive oil, the body tries to protect it from the olive oil proteins. The allergen is attacked by the antibodies and histamines which are produced by the immune system of the body. The antigen and antibody reaction results into several allergic symptoms mentioned in the above section.


The above information on olive oil allergy should be known to all of us so that we can take necessary precautions to avoid them.


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Olive Oil Allergy