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Heart Healthy Menu

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Eating affects the overall health of your body and a heart healthy menu will not only help in keeping your heart in good condition but will also have an impact on your body’s health.

Considering today’s lifestyle it is imperative that you eat healthy to keep the diseases at bay. A heart healthy menu is not only for the heart patients but will also help you a lot in maintaining your health.


While looking for heart healthy menu ideas you need to look for foods which are low in cholesterol, high on soluble fiber and high on antioxidants. You also need to keep in mind the food items which are not so healthy.


The list of food items allowed and restricted in a heart healthy menu are:--




Whole grains, legumes, beans

Red meat, organ meat (kidney, liver etc.)

Nuts like almonds, flax seeds

Whole fat dairy products


Deep fried food

Dark leafy vegetables and other vegetables

Egg yolks

Soy and soy products like tofu, soy milk

Commercially produced bakery items like cakes, pastries etc.


While planning the heart healthy menu just keep these pointers in mind.


Since a heart healthy menu is a part of your daily lifestyle, here I’m giving you heart healthy menu ideas for a day, based on which you can do your own planning for the entire week.


Interesting Heart Healthy Menu Ideas




Heart Healthy Oatmeal can provide a good start to your day.




This is not the instant variety and might take few minutes to cook but it is a very healthy option.


If you like eggs, you can also make an Egg White and Veggie Omelette.



Being low on cholesterol and nutritious because of vegetables, this can be an ideal choice to kick start your day.


Mid-morning snack


You can eat a fruit as a mid-morning snack.





For lunch you can cook a Trio Bean Bake.




Made from vegetables and dried beans like chick peas, kidney beans, this dish is full of protein which is good for your body.


Baked Fish is also ideal for a heart healthy menu.


Fish is a lean meat and free of unhealthy fat. It also contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for your heart.


Mid-afternoon snack


If you get hunger pangs after your lunch, then you can have a bowl of low fat yogurt. You can combine it with berries or cucumber.


Evening time


Have a cup of green tea or tea with 1 or 2 Oatmeal Cookies.




You can begin with a Pepper Salad.


Made from peppers, tomatoes a dressing of red vinegar provides a tangy taste to this salad.


Grilled Baby Vegetables will be a good choice for main course.

grilled vegetables

You can team it up with whole grain or multi grain bread.


You can also try the Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables if you don’t want to grill them.

stir fried vegetables

Made from different vegetables it is a healthy choice.


You can now plan your own heart healthy menu suiting to your and your family’s taste.

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Heart Healthy Menu