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Two Great Canadian Organic Products....

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These are two fantastic products that have a never ending list of amazing ingredients. Oddly enough it is more what is not in it that makes it unique and absolutely amazing. It is wheat-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and 100% organic. Another great thing is that it can last up to one year. Best if refrigerated after opening the bag.

You can use the Holy Crap organic breakfast cereal (dried fruit and cinnamon) or Skinny B organic breakfast cereal (50% more chia) in smoothies, on top of organic yogurt, on top of home made granola served with almond or coconut milk, in pancake mix,...endless possibilities....

This product became popular on the popular tv show Dragon's Den. It is a Canadian product made in British must purchase a minimum of 3 bags per order (approx$40). You can check out this site for yourself and read all about the great health benefits that it can offer.

The following video shows you the sales pitch made by the creator's of this product on Dragon's Den....Amazing!!!



I love this product and it is absolutely good!!!Check out more of my health and recipe blogs on my website:


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Two Great Canadian Organic Products....