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Health Benefit of Black Beans

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black beansA hot bowl of healthy black beans is very comforting. This article will help you know about the real health benefits of black beans.


They are high in Fiber

Just one cup of black beans offers approximately half of the daily requirement for fiber. They are excellent sources of soluble fiber which are the type that help in lowering LDL cholesterol in addition to stabilizing blood sugar levels. Most Americans do not obtain sufficient fiber from their daily diet so they either have a hot bowl of freshly prepared black beans or extremely healthy black bean soup.


They are high in antioxidants

Very few people know about the true antioxidant potential of black bean. Black beans obtain their dark color from anthocyanins, which is the similar flavonoid present in nutritional eatables namely cranberries, red cabbage, blueberries and red beets. Amongst the most common beans, black beans possess the highest amount of antioxidants.


They help with Weight Loss

Black beans are low in fat content and they are quite filling too as they have high fiber content. They help in reducing your cravings for unhealthy food and help you in eating less as they tend to fill up your stomach soon. Half a cup of black beans just has about 85 calories. They are a great source of protein too and they help to maintain proper energy levels.


They are rich in Molybdenum

Black beans are rich in trace mineral called molybdenum. Molybdenum helps in breaking down the sulfites which are found in foods. Some individuals are sensitive to these sulfites. The deficiency of molybdenum often results in impotence among older men, as suggested by some studies. The importance of this mineral is usually underappreciated by people.


They are high in Folate

Folate, popularly known as vitamin B6, is good for pregnant women. Black beans are packed with folate. Folate deficiency leads to improper growth of the fetus's brain as well as the spinal cord. A folate packed diet also helps to protect against certain heart diseases.


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Health Benefit Of Black Beans