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Foods For Heart Attack Patients

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Heart Healthy DietHeart attack patients including both men and women; should be very particular about the foods they eat to ensure the heart health. A well balanced heart healthy diet plays a major role in keeping the patient fit and healthy, along with regular exercise regimen. Proper foods help to control the vulnerable risk factors of the heart attack patients, such as increased body weight, high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol level. If these risk factors can be controlled within a normal level, good health for heart can be ensured. So, one should obey the dietary restrictions to select the foods for heart attack patients.


Safe and Suitable Foods for Heart Attack Patients

Fruits and Vegetables

The heart attack patients should increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Plenty of fruits and vegetables mean more vitamins, more minerals and more antioxidants. All these nutrients work together to maintain the body balance and strengthen the immune system. These food items will also fight against the three risk factors to keep the heart healthy.



Patients of heart ttack history should purposefully increase the consumption on fish in the regular diet. Fish is the greatest source of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to raise the level of good cholesterol by restricting the bad cholesterol. It would be most healthy to have at least one serving of fish per day by replacing red meat or poultry.


Whole Grains

One of the most important dietary changes is to increase the intake of whole grains on a daily basis. Whole grains are rich in dietary fibers and helpful fats, which keep the heart active. Fibers also help to reduce the bad cholesterol level. It is recommended to consume minimum three servings of whole grains every day.


Nuts, Seeds and Legumes

Nuts, seeds and legumes are the best source of helpful fats and dietary fibers, other than the whole grains. On top of that, legumes can also provide low fat protein, which also builds up the strength and fights with external infection. As per medical recommendation, a heart  attack patient should consume these food items for minimum of four times in a week.


Above was the list of helpful foods for heart patients. However, the  pteints with heart attack possibility should follow the restriction for certain harmful food items, as well, including salt and sugar. Excessive salt in food increases the blood pressure and excessive sugar can invite several health problems including obesity, diabetes mellitus, and so on. So, it is advisable to stick to the prescribed diet to stay fit for the heart attack patients.


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Foods For Heart Attack Patients