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Medieval Foods For Kids

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Introducing medieval foods for kids is the best way to educate them about middle ages.  They not only enjoy tasty dishes but can also learn about the habits and customs of people during that time. Many people think that medieval food for kids are not as rich as the food we eat today, but the truth is that they are really rich and use exotic ingredients like nutmeg, saffron, cloves and cinnamon.  Read on to find good tasting medieval foods for kids.


Rye bread

The rye bread is the common medieval food among the peasants, while the upper class people prefer whole wheat bread.  It is a good choice to include this medieval foods for kids as they are healthy and nutrirtious.




This is one among the medieval foods for kids that include lot of vegetables.  This soup would taste distinct as it uses garlic, cabbage, peas, onions and other ingredients like pomegranate seeds, nuts and berries.  You can also use bacon to make the soup rich. Herbs and spices are added to give flavor however avoid heavy seasoning.



Traditional medieval custard Tarte

 This is a flan in a pie crust; this medieval food for kids is an ideal dessert for parties.  Butter and flour are used to make the pie crust and other ingredients used are eggs, cornstarch, sugar and cinnamon. You can also make this without crust; crustless custards are also popular among medieval dessert recipes.

Medieval gingerbread 


This is one of the best medieval foods for kids.  It is like a confection or candy and is a great treat to kids.  The bread crumbs used should be finely ground and unseasoned. Pinch saffron is optional, however when added imparts special flavor.



Easy fruit salads

In the medieval age, there were not much of sweet foods.  They made sweet dishes with the fruits and honey they collected from the woods. Grapes, figs, dates and oranges were common along with cherries, blackberries and plums. Use these fruits and lots of honey to make fruits salads. Bowl of fruit salad is hearty as well as healthy to kids. Among the medieval foods for kids, this one is east to prepare.

Medieval age themed party is a best way to introduce medieval foods for kids. In a way, this is educational too as they come to know about lives during medieval times.

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Medieval Foods For Kids