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German foods for kids

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It is easy to make your kids eat German foods as it is not spicy like American foods.  Most of the German foods for kids are both sweet and savory and have a distinct taste.  There is range of German food for kids starting from chocolate cupcakes to sauerkraut appetizers that appeals all kids. Some of the interesting German foods for kids are here to try.



A Few German Foods For Kids



This thick and short sausage comes with tangy seasonings and lot of fresh garlic. This German food for kids is very popular not only in German but also in other parts of world.  The thick casings do not allow the ingredients to skip away and the fat design makes it easy to handle.  Usually ground pork and veal are used for this sausage. While making knockwurst for kids, avoid adding spices and hot pepper which would make this dish fiery in flavor.

Kartoffelpuffer   547543-kartoffelpuffer.kartoffelpuffer

These are potato pancakes made using shredded or mashed potatoes.  Among the German foods for kids, kartoffelpuffer is considered the best kiddie favourite dish.  Egg is used with mashed potatoes for binding and other ingredients like onion, garlic, and scallions impart flavor and texture to the recipe.   Kids would love to eat this potato pancake with apple sauce.


This is German style donuts made using potato, sugar, and flour. These diamond shaped potato pastry which has a slit cut in the center are usually deep fried like donuts. This German food for kids is made during Shrove Tuesday. Kids love eating fastnachts like any other donut variety.

Frikadellen  547545-frikadellen.frikadellen                            

This is one of the traditional German foods for kids that are easy to make and would not cost you more.  This dish uses bread, eggs, meat, mustard and parsley. You can indulge in your kids to make the meat balls. Kids like to try these meatballs as they are similar to breaded hamburger.


Spaetzle are little dumplings made using flour, salt, warm water, and eggs.  This little dumpling is also called as noodles by many. This can be served as a meal or a side dish with butter and chives.


Trying different foods would help you kids to learn diverse cultures and gives them an opportunity to taste the delectable dishes. German foods for kids given are quite popular and try them would fetch you appreciation from your kids

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German Foods For Kids