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Health Benefits of Cucumber

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health benefits of cucumbersCucumber is a very popular fresh vegetable which is added to a variety of salads as well as sandwiches. Cucumber can be rightly said to be the mainstay of many of today’s lunches.  There are several health benefits of cucumbers too. Whether you have cucumber wedges tossed in a garden salad, as a part of a salad or its slices on a sandwich, you will always have access to cucumbers health benefits.



Major health benefits of Cucumber


  • Cucumber juice is very healthy and good for increasing the urinal flow. For rheumatic conditions, it matches the outcomes of celery and carrot juice. Cucumbers must always be washed just before using. Unless the skin of a cucumber is waxed, the cucumber must not be peeled. Cucumber has several cleaning properties that help in eliminating accumulated waste and toxins from the body. It helps in improving arthritis since it removes uric acid.
  • Cucumber is the answer to a glowing and happy skin. Both the cucumber and the skin share the same amount of hydrogen, hence, it becomes quite easy for cucumber to mask all the problem areas of your skin. A cucumber mask helps you relax in no time. Cucumber can be termed as a magic wand to waive off all the skin problems because of its cooling effect. Not only this, cucumber juice is a soothing skin lotion. The cucumber peel is good for keeping the hands smooth and soft.
  • Cucumber is great for lessening heat and inflammation. It acts wonders to treat tired eyes when you remove the eye bags from your eyes by placing a slice of cucumber on top of your closed eyes. It also helps to cure lung, stomach and chest problems, as well as tapeworm too. Fresh cucumber juice is also known to reduce heartburn or sooth stomach acid.
  • Cucumbers can be served sliced or they may be diced in a salad. You can further add vinaigrette, garlic, mint or sesame seeds to make the salad even more flavorful. Cucumber slices can be added to a sandwich or its juice can be mixed along with the juice of other vegetables. When you cook the cucumber using a method such as steaming, boiling or braising, you will end up losing a lot of vitamins and minerals present in it.


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Health Benefits Of Cucumber