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Health Benefits of Chicken

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Health benefits of chicken

There are various health benefits of chicken. It is loaded with several essential nutrients as well as vitamins that work toward strengthening your body’s immune system. Chicken is considered to be the safest meat to consume as it is not associated with any side effects. The studies conducted by scientists to access the properties of chicken have all come up with positive results. Let us explore the benefits of chicken.





Major Health Benefits of Chicken


  • Chicken is a great source of good quality protein. Protein is a necessary nutrient required for the overall growth as well as the development of the body. Protein also helps in overweight individuals to lose those extra kilos fast.


  • For older people, protein found in chicken acts as a great nutrient by helping them against bone loss. Merely 100 grams of chicken breast offers over half of the suggested dietary consumption of protein.


  • Chicken is an excellent source of B-vitamin (niacin) which helps to safeguard the body against the harmful disease of cancer. Deficiency of this vitamin in the body leads to genetic damage. 4 ounce chicken fulfills approximately 72% of the recommended daily niacin requirement of the body.


  • Selenium, a trace mineral, is found in ample quantity in chicken. This serves to be a vital component which is needed by several metabolic pathways, including thyroid hormone metabolism, body’s immune function and anti-oxidant defense systems.  


  • Chicken is a rich source of Vitamin B6 too. This vitamin helps in the construction of a vast range of significant molecules. This process of formation of molecules is called Methylation.   Lack of Vitamin B6 often causes harm to the blood vessels.  


  • Chicken supports your body’s overall energy metabolism because it is rich in both Vitamin B6 and niacin.  These are both B-complex vitamins which aid the enzymes through the entire body to conduct the metabolic reactions. 


  • Chicken meat is also rich in phosphorus that proves to be a significant mineral for the human body. Phosphorus maintains your oral health and keeps your bones strong. Additionally, it ensures proper and healthy working of the kidneys, central nervous system and the liver.

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Health Benefits Of Chicken