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How Protein Diets Benefits your Body

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How Protein Diets Benefits your Body

A diet consisting protein in high quantities is very beneficial for your exercise program. You might be aware of dieting with low carbohydrates. Some people gain excellent results from this type of diets while others feel terrible and as a result, their workouts suffer tremendously.

 Protein Diet


Very often, if you are on a diet consisting of low carbohydrate, you are bound to substitute the calories absent through fat or proteins. Most of the times, people prefer the ketogenic path which decreases the intake of calories to approximately 60 to 65 % out of your total calorie intake. This will significantly help in improving your metabolism as your body starts making use of fat instead of carbohydrates as fuel.
Another option you may take is keep the intake of fat to a medium level that is approximately 25 to 35% and increase your protein intake. You will find this process useful from the perspective to lose fat however, it has several disadvantages.

What are the advantage of protein diet :

To begin with, let’s become aware of the advantages of a diet consisting of high protein. From the perspective to lose fat you will find protein very helpful as it easily breaks down the calories in your body. On an average, for each 100 calories for a protein diet you will average to having only 75 calories. This fact shows that protein improves metabolism and helps you in consumption of extra calories when you lose or put on weight. This theory is known as TEF. When you consume 100 calories for carbohydrates your average will be 94 calories, whereas in case of 100 calories for fat your average will be 97 to 98. This shows that protein is a more beneficial option in comparison to others.

Another advantage of protein diet is that people find it easy to recover from their workout session in comparison to if they were performing the per pound one gram which is a common recommendation.
Next benefit is that when you bring your protein intake to approximately per pound 1.5 grams of lean muscle mass there are fewer chances to lose muscle tissue when on a diet of low calories.

Lastly, the advantage of a high carbohydrate diet versus high protein is that you do not get similar insulin response in comparison to carbohydrates. Similarly, individuals sensitive to insulin should consider switching to a diet with high protein. This will help in reducing the accumulation of body fat and eventually reduce your hunger cravings.

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How Protein Diets Benefits Your Body