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Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines

healthy lifestyle pyramid

The best way to enjoy a long, healthy life is through healthy lifestyle guidelines, which will help you climb up the “knowledge pyramid” about food, diet, exercise, and reach the apex of good health.








Pointers on healthy lifestyle guidelines


A balanced  diet:

  • A balanced diet is one which contains all the five food groups in the right proportion, with a major portion coming from carbohydrates, then fruits and vegetables coming in the next level; eggs, poultry, fish following close at the third level along with milk and other dairy products and, fat and fatty-sources forming the least portion of your daily diet. Healthy fat sources such as those low in saturated fats and high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids are recommended. Keep salt and  sugar intake to a minimal.


Regular exercise:

  • One of the main aspects about healthy lifestyle guidelines that all they are part of a framework and cannot work in the absence of another. For instance a balanced diet is not fully given effect unless it is complemented by regular exercise. Exercise (work-outs, walking etc) is a must to ensure your body is toned and the nutrients reach to all parts of the body, with the extra flexing of muscles that goes into it. The extra fat and blood glucose levels get their share of “coming to level” through the heightened energy-levels at the time of exercise.


Avoid smoking and excess alcohol: 

  • Smoking forms a ‘smokescreen’ over a healthy lifestyle guideline as the adverse effects of tobacco and nicotine has been well established. So is the case with alcohol, which if consumed excessively has disastrous long-term effects(increasing cardiovascular risks)


A good night’s sleep: 

  • Depending on the individual body constitution undisturbed sleep-duration of minimum 6-8 hours is recommended. Sleep is not only a good stress-buster, but is also a way to “grease” the body parts from head to toe (brain, heart, endocrine system, digestive system, nervous system etc).


Maintain your weight:

  • One of the chief guidelines for a healthy lifestyle is good weight management. Not to be carried by fads and the famous, ensure that you maintain a weight that is proportionate to your height, not too less to make you look “droopy-D” and not too fat bordering on obesity.


Avoid stress:

  • One of the common deterrents to a healthy lifestyle guideline is stress, which the new-age lifestyle invariably brings along with it. Stress manifests into various ailments from diabetes, cardiovascular disorders to diseases such as cancer. Stress should always be kept at bay through various measures which can involve work-outs, holistic healing or counseling.

The above healthy lifestyle guidelines build a framework, with each part inter-linked to coordinate and show the way to a healthy living and a long life.

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Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines