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English Foods for Kids

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You should get your kids interested in different cuisines early, so that they won’t become picky eater as they grow. Introducing English foods for kids is easy as the roast dinner, pies, sandwiches, fish, and chips are alluring.  Also the other kind of English food for kids like pudding, custard, cakes, and cookies would make your kids mouth water.  Now let’s look into some of the interesting and delectable English foods for kids.



Fish and chips

This English food for kids is very popular and tasty.  This recipe usually uses haddock or cod which is deep fried in oil and served along with French fries. Kids enjoy dousing the fish in ketchup and malt vinegar.


Roast dinner 

Roast dinner has lamb, beef or turkey with roasted vegetables and potatoes topped with saucy gravy. This is a very popular meal in England. It is wholesome as it has all the nutrition required for the growing kids. This is one of the mouth watering English foods for kids to try.



Bangers and Mash

Bangers and mash are considered as the comfort English food for kids. It is a meat dish where fried sausages are spread on mashed potatoes and topped with gravy. Fried onion sprinkled on top makes this dish taste great.



Sweet potato chips 


This food is considered healthier than potato chips.  The thin slices of sweet potatoes are baked after seasoning with paprika, pepper, salt and olive oil. It goes well with sweet cinnamon dip.

Apple pie 

English apples are luscious and it is one of the delicious English foods for kids.  The apples are placed in between the short crust pastry and baked. It is very simple recipe but taste great and suitable for any special event.  Apple pie can be served hot or cold with vanilla ice cream or custard.

Try out these English foods for kids to discover the wondrous taste.  You would be happy  knowing that  making these foods are simple enough with the basic ingredients at home.

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English Foods For Kids