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Top 10 Protein Rich foods

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Eggs - The Most Ideal Of Protein Rich Foods

We all are aware of the importance of protein in our lives and that is why I compilde this list of Top 10 protein rich foods. The proteins are wonder nutrients that play important role in growth, and muscle healing. It is recommended that children should take proteins in childhood, because they aid in growth and development. Here is a list of top 10 protein rich foods that simply best for anyone and everyone.





The Most Exclusive List Of Top 10 Protein Rich Foods



They are the rich source of protein and are also valued for their high fat and oil content. Fish varieties like Tuna, Anchovies and salmon provide proteins in abundance. They are followed by Halibut, snapper and Tilapia. Try fish preparations with rice for a protein charged lunch or dinner.


Lean Meat

Some of the lean meats like buffalo meat, pork tenderloin, poultry, white meat and beef are good sources of protein. The lean meats mentioned above are best to be eaten at any point of time because they are low in fats and stashed with all necessary nutrients along with protein.



They are stashed with all vital minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. An egg can serve you about 6 grams of proteins and they can be eaten as whole or incorporated in various recipes for an extra taste and smoothness.  Try boiled egg or poached egg and spinach for dinner.



Most of the dairy derivatives and its related products are valued for their high protein content. Milk, cheese and yogurt are stashed with large quantity of proteins and they support the functioning and growth of other parts of the body. Milk serves the maximum protein i.e. 6.3 grams per 100 grams. Drink milk or include cheese in various food products.


Peanut Butter

This is rich source of protein. It not only serves as a good flavoring agent but also acts as a good energy source. Spread the peanut butter over bread before savoring it.


Nuts and Seeds

These may go well as perfect protein choices for all those vegans who are wary of trying out fish, and meats to fulfill their protein requirements. The nuts and seeds are also abundant source of proteins and they serve other minerals , also they are source of good fats, mono-unsaturated and poly unsaturated fats. Pumpkin seeds serve maximum proteins followed by sunflower seeds and almond nuts. Toast and munch nuts and seeds as snacks.



Beans are rich source of proteins along with legumes. The beans are also valued for their high concentration of minerals and vitamins. They are mostly preferred by vegetarians who are wary of trying out meat or other meat based products to fulfill their protein requirements.  Prepare tofu land tempeh out of the beans.


It is an excellent source of protein. It is laced in vitamin B complex and folic acid too. It can be easily used in many of the recipes in small amounts to augment the flavor of the dish.



The edible seafood is a well–kept secret to nutrition and are largely used in various Chinese and Japanese medicine preparations due to their high calorific value.  They can be included in your daily diet by adding to handful of meat and fish preparations.


Lentil and Pulses

They are good source of proteins and iron. They can be eaten daily by adding them to large variety of dishes.


Include these top 10 protein rich foods in your diet and enjoy their benefits for a healthy living.


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Top 10 Protein Rich Foods