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Natural Probiotics Foods

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natural probiotics foods

Natural Probiotics foods are excellent supplements that are in the move in the market for natural healing and are the keys to health. These probiotics are not only good in protecting the body against invaders, but also helps to assimilate nutrients in the food that we eat. As the nutritional value of the food increases by fermenting and culturing the fresh food, probiotics, is a new name for a century old technique that we can take advantage of these methods for not only preserving food but also to improve their nutritive value.



  1. Sauerkraut is one of the most familiar and simple probiotic food that is made of shredded cabbage and sea salt to encourage the lacto fermentation and is the flavored with onions and spices for taste. They are pasteurized to kill the pathogenic bacteria and retain the friendly bacteria in raw active culture. This is so simple that you can make them at home.
  2. Kefir water is yet another important and most common probiotic, which is very much different from the dairy kefir that is common and a delicacy that is enjoyed by everyone. This kefir water is made using cow, goat or sheep’s milk and is fermented with kefir grains along with the friendly Saccharomyces yeast. They are much useful in defending against the growth of the unfriendly yeast to the body and improve the body’s immune system.
  3. Kombucha is a fermented organic black tea with sugar and scoby or mushroom. Though they take longer period to ferment the resultant beverage has been predominantly used as a medicinal food and for boosting the immune system of the body.
  4. Fermented soy are processed soy products, soybean oil, and any soy including Tofu and flavored soy milk beverage that are high in the nutrient contents like increasing the protein, vitamins and mineral content of the body. Fermented soy foods will include miso, fermented soy sauce, tempeh and much more.
  5. Yoghurt is one of the infamous and most commonly and widely accepted fermented food that has a billion dollar markets, which are made from cow’s milk and live cultures of bacteria and has immense health benefits and is used as treatment for many stomach problems.


With these probiotics and many more available in the market, you will find that many a times some of your recipes has been included in the diet without your awareness.


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Natural Probiotics Foods